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  • J Salon, Honolulu
    J Salon, Honolulu
  • J Salon, Honolulu
    J Salon, Honolulu
  • J Salon, Honolulu
    J Salon, Honolulu
  • J Salon, Honolulu
    J Salon, Honolulu
  • J Salon, Honolulu
    J Salon, Honolulu
  • J Salon, Honolulu
    J Salon, Honolulu
J Salon, Honolulu
  • J Salon, Honolulu
  • J Salon, Honolulu
  • J Salon, Honolulu
  • J Salon, Honolulu
  • J Salon, Honolulu
  • J Salon, Honolulu
  • J Salon, Honolulu
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City Guide Honolulu

J Salon, Honolulu

Located in picturesque Honolulu, J Salon was designed by owner Joe Randazzo and manager Gary Casupang. J Salon in Honolulu has 150 feet of window space, and is located at the corner of a busy street a block from the most-frequented movie theater on the island.

“Part of our strategy to create curiosity about the salon was to keep the view from the outside into the salon unobstructed,” Casupang says. “We leave on key spotlights at night, to attract the attention of movie-goers and passers-by.”

Salon Opening Hours

Sunday Closed
Monday 12:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Tuesday and Wednesday 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Thursday Friday 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

J Salon

Ward Plaza, 210 Ward Avenue
HI 96814 Honolulu
United States

T. +1.808.550.4441


Visit one of our top salons in Honolulu! After, you will love going for a walk on the beaches, before going to one of the hotels and restaurants we've selected!

City Guide Honolulu

Joe @ J Salon, Honolulu

Joe , J Salon, Honolulu

Owner / Stylist

Joe brings 30 years of precision haircutting and a dead on instinct to J Salon. His background includes a decade as a stylist, and art director at Vidal Sassoon salons in Chicago and New York City. He has styled for New York Fashion Week and hair shows in Japan, Canada and across the United States. He's taught at the Vidal Sassoon Academies in London, UK and Hamburg, Germany. Joe views each client as an individual, spending quality time in the consultation resulting in a cut that works for client's whole lifestyle.

Gary @ J Salon, Honolulu

Gary , J Salon, Honolulu

Owner / Manager

Catherine @ J Salon, Honolulu

Catherine , J Salon, Honolulu

Advanced Stylist / Colorist

Born and raised in the islands, Catherine is one of the most sought-after sylists in Hawaii. Her cut, colour and art direction expertise is rooted in the precision Vidal Sassoon method and has taken her all over the globe - over the past three decades, she's styled more than 50 shows from Arkansas to Amsterdam. Catherine is an artist who listes to each client, collaborates on the best cut for their lifestyle and lets her talent do the rest.

Jovan @ J Salon, Honolulu

Jovan , J Salon, Honolulu

Level 5 Colorist / Stylist

Constantly challenging himself, Jovan has sought out the finest education in the industry. He recently completed advanced courses at the Di Pietro Todd Academy in San Francisco and the Vidal Sassoon Academy in London. Jovan is meticulous about haircutting, his cuts are sure to make you feel stunning. He is the head of the colour education at J Salon, mentoring and training J Salon Team. He has an extraordinary talent for selecting the right shade to suit the individual.

Melvin @ J Salon, Honolulu

Melvin , J Salon, Honolulu

Level 3 Stylist / Colorist

Melvin is another success story of the J Salon training program. After completing cosmetology school, he wanted to join a top Honolulu salon; a place where his personality could shine, where his mentors would be a constant source of inspiration and he could grom to become one of the best. Melvin joined J Salon team in 2006. A passionate and devoted hairstylist, Melvin creates styles that are effortless, chic, and tailored to each individual in his chair.

Carmen @ J Salon, Honolulu

Carmen , J Salon, Honolulu

Level 3 Colorist / Stylist

Carmen is a remarkable colorist with a gift for creating beautiful, natural looking blondes. In addition, she is the J Salon expert for designing undetectable, natural-looking hair extensions. She is a technically precise and gifted stylist- a true natural talent. Carmen constantly looks for inspiration to keep her work fresh. She obsesses about constantly being up-to-date on fashion and beauty trends for her clients. Her warm, engaging personality and commitment to excellence has made Carmen an instant favorite.

Lena @ J Salon, Honolulu

Lena , J Salon, Honolulu

Level 3 Colorist / Stylist

Lena is a local girl, born and raised on Oahu and a graduate of Kamehameha Schools. She joined the J Salon team as an assistant. Now a graduate of our training program, Lena is an outstanding hairstylist who especially enjoys color. She loves to personalize colors to compliment her client’s personal style, and complexion. Lena has a warm and welcoming personality and listens carefully to everyone who sits in her chair. Her love for what she does shines through in her brilliant work.

Joanne @ J Salon, Honolulu

Joanne , J Salon, Honolulu

Level 1 Colorist

A gifted color specialist, Joanne is inspired by the emotional power of color - its potential to uplift and rejuvenate the spirit. She enjoys using color to create a positive change in the way people look and feel. Joanne always takes special care to complementing the tone of the hair to the tone of her clients's eyes and skin. Her talent, combined with a remarkably friendly demeanor have made Joanne a J Salon favorite.

Andria @ J Salon, Honolulu

Andria , J Salon, Honolulu

Level 1 Stylist

A precise and creative cutter, Andria enjoys working with clients to craft the perfect look for their individual taste and lifestyle. Now 8 years into her career, Andria is meticulous about cutting - perhaps because she studied art and design in college before switching to cosmetology. Andria has a heart-felt desire to make her clients look and feel spectacular.

Natasha @ J Salon, Honolulu

Natasha , J Salon, Honolulu

Level 1 Stylist / Makeup

Natasha accepted early on that she was intended for a career in the beauty industry. An aspiring and determined young woman, with rare technical skill. She is incredible, well rounded stylist and makeup artist who combines her talent with an excellent sense of style and fashion. What excites her most is seeing the instant transformation her haircuts make on people's image and confidence. Her jovial personality combined with skilled precision make for an amazing experience every time.

Hunter @ J Salon, Honolulu

Hunter , J Salon, Honolulu

Assistant Stylist

Leilani @ J Salon, Honolulu

Leilani , J Salon, Honolulu

Assistant Colorist

Terry @ J Salon, Honolulu

Terry , J Salon, Honolulu

Apprentice Stylist

Ashley @ J Salon, Honolulu

Ashley , J Salon, Honolulu

Front Desk Coordinator

Shirley @ J Salon, Honolulu

Shirley , J Salon, Honolulu

Front Desk Coordinator

Ian @ J Salon, Honolulu

Ian , J Salon, Honolulu

Front desk coordinator

Scarlette @ J Salon, Honolulu

Scarlette , J Salon, Honolulu

Fron Desk Coordinator

Gerry @ J Salon, Honolulu

Gerry , J Salon, Honolulu

Brows / Make up

With a career spanning almost 30 years, Gerry Brown is one of Honolulu's pre-eminent makeup artists and brow designer. She has served as a Honolulu-based freelance makeup artist for local and national celebrities, generating a cult following among women (and men) for her expertise in waxing, makeup application and makeup lessons.

Hair Salon Services


Hair Cut

Level 1 Stylist $65
Level 2 Stylist $75
Level 3 Stylist $85
Level 4 Stylist $95
Level 5 Stylist $105
Advanced $120
Joe Randazzo $140

Hair Color

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Advanced
Balayage $160+ $170+ $180+ $190+ $200+ $210+
Ammonia-Free $90+ $105+ $110+ $120+ $130+ $140+
Double Process $130+ $140+ $150+ $160+ $170+ $180+
Full Highlight $155+ $165+ $175+ $185+ $195+ $205+
Partial Highlight $105+ $110+ $120+ $130+ $140+ $150+
Single Process $75+ $8+ $95+ $105+ $115+ $125+


Instant Immersion Treatment $25
Kerastase Fusio-Dose Treatment $30
Kerastase Masque $35
24 Carat Indulgent Treatment $50
Kerastase Chronologiste $60
Shu Uemura Mask Treatment $35


Shampoo Blowdry $45+
Updo $60+


Keratin Smoothing Treatment $205+
Hair Extensions $600+ (*consultation required)


Brow Shaping $35+
Lip $18+
Chin $18+
Forehead $18+
Sides $18+


Makeup Application $65+
Makeup Lesson $155+
Bridal $80+
Editorial $80+

Prices are based on the training, experience and ongoing development of J Salon team.

All prices listed are starting base prices.  Additional charges will apply for very thick/long hair, or straightening curly hair etc. 

Exact price cannot be determined without a prior consultation.

J Salon is located at Ward Plaza, 210 Ward Avenue in Honolulu.

J Salon carries Baxter of California

Baxter of California is one of the first ever men's grooming brands created by Baxter Finley in 1965.  Baxter of California pioneered a comprehensive range of products tailored to a man's needs. Years of research by experts proved that all skin is not created equal.  Their approach is science plus nature, built from the ground up in California. They may be old school in concept, but they're high-tech in practice.

J Salon carries Kerastase

Kerastase and Recherche Avancée L'Oréal provide an art of haircare: in-salon experiences and customised at-home programmes, adapted to every individual client.

J Salon carries Shu Uemura

Indulge in the ultimate hair beauty ceremonies from Shu Uemura Art of Hair: in-salon, unique experiences, combined to award-winning haircare and styling products to achieve flawless design. Discover exclusive Tea Ceremony massages for a tailor-made, in-salon ceremony. Treat your hair to precious selected ingredients such as musk rose oil, camellia oil, Depsea water, argan oil and jasmine essential oil.

J Salon offers Gala styling

Whatever big event is on the agenda, you can trust these selected hairsdressers for making your hair look the best! 

J Salon offers Hair Color Services

Hair color can make the whole difference and needs the best of care. If you are looking for the best hair colorist to enhance your natural hues, check out our selection of the specialists for hair color among the Leading Salons.

J Salon offers Hair Extensions

Add some hair extensions and length to your hair without damaging it at one of our extensions specialists salons. Extensions is the best way to get long beautiful full and long hair easily.

J Salon offers Up do's

Have you ever watched a hair tutorial and wondered why it seems way easier to do for her than for you? Well, our stylists are here to help. 

J salon
Honolulu Salon

J Salon - Honolulu salon

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