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Maxine, Chicago
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Maxine, Chicago

Maxine Salon is a top-rated Chicago salon. Maxine Salon in Chicago is just steps away from Michigan Avenue’s Magnificent Mile District. Progressive and chic, the friendly and nurturing Maxine's staff have earned the salon a first-rate reputation. Enter Maxine Salon in Chicago and you are surrounded by modern luxury. Themes of cracked glass, corrugated stainless steel and pristine white are repeated throughout.

Maxine's highly trained staff is dedicated to delivering the best, most up-to-date haircuts, special occasion styling, hair color, and treatments available, Maxine’s expert stylists and colorists work with you to achieve your personal best. This, plus ongoing education produce exciting new techniques which have enjoyed national recognition in top magazines. Maxine's staff is warm and welcoming.

Upon entering Maxine Salon in Chicago and you are surrounded by modern luxury. Themes of cracked glass, corrugated stainless steel and pristine white are repeated throughout.

Maxine is the Chicago Flagship L'Oréal Professionnel Haircolor Center. Modeled after a high-end cosmetics bar, you can get up close and personal with your color options for a fearless and fun hair color experience. Maxine's top color team, with expertise in balayage and ombre color techniques, will transform your color.

Maxine's clients also rave about the customized waxing services by Jaime Lewis. She is especially famous for her Brazilian Bikini.

Maxine's retail offerings include the best hair products on the market from Kérastase and Shu Uemura as well as Bio Ionic styling tools and brushes along with Maxine Gift Cards which always make perfect gifts.

Working with the most respected manufacturers in the world, and the best staff in the business, Maxine Salon in Chicago loves to indulge their clients and they are waiting for you!

Salon Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 am - 04:00 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am - 07:00 pm
Wednesday 09:00 am - 07:00 pm
Thursday 09:00 am - 07:00 pm
Friday 09:00 am - 06:00 pm
Saturday 08:00 am - 05:00 pm
Sunday Closed


712 North Rush Street
IL 60611 Chicago
United States

T. +1 312 751 1511


Each top salon in Chicago has the best hair team and finest hair products to ensure you will love your new look! Find below places to sleep, have lunch or dinner and go shopping, so that your trip to Chicago should be memorable!

City Guide Chicago

Amy Abramite @ Maxine, Chicago

Amy Abramite, Maxine, Chicago

Creative Director, Salon Educator and Stylist

As Maxine's creative and educational director since 2004, Amy Abramite runs the cutting and styling program for trainees and keeps the staff current on seasonal trends. She is also part of the Shu Uemura Haigo Artistic Team. A stylist of 11 years, she specializes in everything, whether it's cutting hair, styling with flat irons and curling irons, blow-outs, bang-taming, special occasion up-dos and Japanese thermal straightening. Clients who want to update their look know they've come to the right place. They appreciate her cutting-edge styling as much as her considerable energy. Amy has been featured in W, O, the Oprah Magazine, Glamour, Lucky, Shape, Marie Claire, on a segment of "Ambush Makeover" and on AOL's She was also featured in Charla Krupp's How Not To Look Old in the "Getting Gorgeous City by City" chapter.

Amy's training is extensive and includes multiple sessions with Orlando Pita through Kérastase NYC and Boston, Trevor Sorbie, Charles Worthington and Mark Creed through L'Oreal Professionnel in London, UK, Jacques Dessange in Paris, France, the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, CA, Redken Exchange in NYC and Martin Parsons in Chicago. She has styled hair for Yves Saint Laurent and Escada, in addition to many local fashion shows. In her spare time, Amy is passionate about photography, travel, rock and roll, Chicago Blackhawks hockey and David Lynch films.

Amy's haircuts are $120.00

Aaron David @ Maxine, Chicago

Aaron David, Maxine, Chicago


A veteran stylist known for his polished and precise looks, Aaron David joined the Maxine team in 2010 after eight years as an educator and senior stylist. Aaron specializes in precision cutting—both wet and dry. Aaron's passion for his clients is what makes his cuts special. "I don't want my clients to struggle at home and have to spend too much time on their hair; suitability is key."

Aaron's haircuts are $100.00

Becca Panos @ Maxine, Chicago

Becca Panos, Maxine, Chicago


Stylist for 12 years, Becca Panos is known throughout the salon for her long, lush haircuts. She excels at cutting long bobs with interior layers and flat-iron styling. Her styles are easy to maintain and they grow out beautifully. "The best style is a versatile one that the client can duplicate at home," she says. Becca has trained with Redken Exchange and Shu Uemura Atelier. Her ability to spot what looks best on the individual has served her well as a stylist for the Art Institute and MCA fashion shows. When she is not busy at the salon she is very busy at home as the proud mother of her beautiful little ones, George and Mila.

Becca's haircuts are $110.00

Bob Gartlan @ Maxine, Chicago

Bob Gartlan, Maxine, Chicago


An experienced stylist of over 20 years, Bob Gartlan consistently delivers the highest degree of artistry and competence to all his clients. A master with a brush and dryer, he can bring out the elegance and grace of long, layered hair. Yet he also has a flair for men's styles, for which he has garnered quite a loyal following. Bob's warm and genuine personality will make you feel at home, and his hair cuts will make you feel stunning. "Anyone can put scissors to your hair, but a great haircut can be transformative - it affects your whole psyche." And how can you tell it's a great haircut? "You can tell by how well it grows out, and how well the client can style it him/herself," says Bob. "I want my clients to look as good in four weeks as they do when they first leave the salon." Bob is a proud father of five who also enjoys cycling, cross-country skiing and yoga.

Bob's haircuts are $125.00

Hans Van Doornik @ Maxine, Chicago

Hans Van Doornik, Maxine, Chicago


Hans, who previously worked at the Roy Teeluck Salon in New York City, works on every hair length. His talent has been put to good use during NY Fashion Week for Charles Nolan, Lindsey Degen, Marc Jacobs, Moskov, Naeem Khan, Oscar de la Renta Timo Weiland and YSL. Hans is known for haircuts that look uncontrived and move organically. He is also known for his one-of-a-kind blowouts.

Hans' haircuts are $200.00

Josie Nevarez @ Maxine, Chicago

Josie Nevarez, Maxine, Chicago


Josie Nevarez joined our team after more than 10 years as a senior stylist and salon educator at Trio Salon. Her years of experience behind the chair ensure an expertise in precision haircutting, lavish updos and hair extensions. Her passion for the curly hair mane, coaxing curls in by cutting them to accent their curl patterns or smoothing curls out to straight, has earned her the reputation of our "curl whisperer". And don't forget her amazing skill set when it comes to men's hair cutting from her days as a barber. Josie understands the importance of client service and insists on creating a comfortable environment for everyone around her.

One of the best talents in Chicago, Josie has appeared on two covers of Modern Salon and has been featured in several local publications. She has styled notable celebrities including Martha Stewart and Fran Drescher and has participated on The Oprah Show several times as a guest hair stylist. Josie has lent her talent to fashion shows such as Neiman-Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Marshall Field’s.

Josie's haircuts are $110.00

Michelle Dixon @ Maxine, Chicago

Michelle Dixon, Maxine, Chicago


Michelle enrolled in Maxine's in-house training program and has been a stylist for 14 years. Though she specializes in roller sets,rod sets, flat twist sets, styling, cutting, relaxing and texturizing ethnic hair, she is extremely versatile with all ethnic types and brings her experience with multi-cultural hair textures to updos. Michelle trained at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, California, and at the Conservatory of Esthetics. She has participated in Art Institute fashion shows and makeovers for ABC7 and WGN, plus an episode of "Ambush Makeover" and several photo shoots and videos.

Michelle's haircuts are $105.00

Qiana Redmond @ Maxine, Chicago

Qiana Redmond, Maxine, Chicago


Qiana Redmond specializes in cutting, relaxing and styling all hair textures. Clients love her specialty sets, such as roller sets, straw sets and twist sets. This stylist of 10 years is a big fan of healthy hair and accordingly does a lot of work on natural, non-relaxed and curly hair. "I really want my clients to be able to recreate what I've done for them at the salon," she says. Qiana has participated in many TV makeovers and was a stylist for Fox TV anchor Tamron Hall. She was most recently featured in a blog post from Rachel Odem, entitled Not Your Average Hair Stylist.

Qiana's haircuts are $105.00

Sanda Petrut @ Maxine, Chicago

Sanda Petrut, Maxine, Chicago


Long-haired clients love stylist Sanda Petrut's precision cutting and respect for structure. She pays great attention to shape and balance. "I like styles that have texture, move freely but keep their shape for a long time and are easy to maintain," she says. A stylist of 18 years, Sanda excels at Japanese thermal straightening. Clients also love her elegant updos. Sanda is obsessed with the looks from the sixties and transforms them into something modern. Her look is updated “Mad Men.” With an approach that is sexy and flirtatious, she loves to create Marilyn Monroe waves. Sanda has studied with the Redken Academy in New York. She developed the Sliding Bangs technique for Maxine. She enjoys travel, theater, cooking and gardening.

Sanda's haircuts are $115.00

Theresa Tufte @ Maxine, Chicago

Theresa Tufte, Maxine, Chicago


This seasoned stylist comes to us after 10 years with Vidal Sassoon, where she taught in the training program, and after 12 years with Trio salon. Theresa is accomplished at precision cutting and sculpting, which she loves to do with her shears. Dry cutting is one of her specialties, and she particularly believes in it when it comes to curly hair where she meticulously cuts and places each curl. No wonder Theresa is considered our "curly hair specialist in Chicago". Happy clients also rave about her blow-dry and styling techniques for both straight and curly hair types. “I’m a perfectionist at heart, so for me, the finish is ultra-important,” she says. According to her, the sign of a good haircut is its ability to move around and look good when parted on any side. Theresa has styled hair for TLC’s “A Makeover Story,” various photo shoots and for the Alternative Hair Show. Her work has also appeared in Salon Magazine and Modern Salon. To relax, Theresa enjoys running, Pilates and riding her motorcycle.

Theresa's haircuts are $100.00

Thor Nygren @ Maxine, Chicago

Thor Nygren, Maxine, Chicago


Thor Nygren has come full circle: Maxine first hired him at Vidal Sassoon in 1983. Now, after 32 years as a stylist and manager at Sassoon, Heidi’s and Trio salons, Thor brings his genius at precision cutting to Maxine clients. “I think of cutting hair as tailoring a suit,” says Thor. “I like to match the cut to each client’s personality, so it’s different every time. It looks like it was made for them.” Clients love the cuts and stay for the relaxing head massage, which he administers during every appointment. Most recently, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi took a break from it all and relaxed in his most capable hands. Outside the salon world, Thor designed the niche line of kNOW watches; today he spends as much time as possible with his wife and four boys.

Thor's haircuts are $125.00

Adrianne Johnston @ Maxine, Chicago

Adrianne Johnston, Maxine, Chicago


A stylist since 2004, Johnston is known for blowouts that last for days. "A good haircut and blowout enhances your natural beauty and flatters you like nothing else," she says. She is also skilled in special-occasion hair, and is the go-to stylist for many Chicago brides. Her occasion looks blend current trends with classic references. Adrianne worked with the Kérastase team at New York Fashion Week and Bridal Fashion Week for Spring 2012.

Adrianne's haircuts are $90.00

Anna Jackson @ Maxine, Chicago

Anna Jackson, Maxine, Chicago

Stylist and Extension Specialist

A veteran of editorial work, Anna has been styling, scissoring and shaping Chicago’s elite for the past 10 years. In addition to cuts, Anna has mastered the art of hair extensions. Anna also specializes in bouncy blowouts, bridal updos and makeup. She is a certified “Great Lengths” hair extension specialist, and her work has been seen on WGN, NBC and Oprah. She has styled hair for Spin, Elle, Michigan Avenue and the cover of URB.

Anna's haircuts are $95.00

Brittany Brudzinski @ Maxine, Chicago

Brittany Brudzinski, Maxine, Chicago


Brittany does it all: haircuts, blowouts, braids, updos and hair-transforming Keratin treatments. Brittany, who started at Maxine in 2007, has studied with Scott Cole and Linda Yodice of Paul Mitchell, Martin Parsons for updo classes, American Crew’s Master Class for men’s styling and most recently, the Shu Uemura Art of Hair Luxe Gallery in Dallas.

Brittany's haircuts are $90.00

Cheryl Flagg @ Maxine, Chicago

Cheryl Flagg, Maxine, Chicago


A relative newcomer to the close-knit Maxine family, this long-time stylist started at the salon in 2013. On one hand, Cheryl is a curly hair specialist, working with all types of curls in their natural state; on the other, she’s a Keratin specialist, beautifully transforming frizzy and curly hair into hair that is straighter and shinier. Cheryl is also skilled at relaxing ethnic hair. From a styling standpoint, Cheryl rocks out amazing blowdrys, braids and updos.

Cheryl's haircuts are $90.00

Dani Hauflaire @ Maxine, Chicago

Dani Hauflaire, Maxine, Chicago


A stylist since 2008, Dani graduated from Maxine’s in-house training program upon her arrival in Chicago. She loves working with hair of all lengths, from pixie cuts to long lengths, she tailors a cut to her client’s vision. Dani loves styling and cutting equally. “You know you’ve found a good stylist when you see they’re efficient, on-time multitaskers who listen to you and are good at compromising,” she says.

Dani's haircuts are $85.00

Evan Roberts @ Maxine, Chicago

Evan Roberts, Maxine, Chicago


After seven years at Maxine and nine years in the industry, Evan is meticulous about his cutting—perhaps because he was a sculpture major in college before switching to cosmetology school. "For women I like long layered cuts and a brilliant blowout, and for men I like tailored classic cuts with a modern twist," says Evan. Evan has spent years perfecting his skills while taking cutting classes at Sassoon, Kerastase cutting and styling classes with Matthew Morris, and educating himself on other on-trend styling techniques.

Evan's haircuts are $80.00

Rivkah Lyles @ Maxine, Chicago

Rivkah Lyles, Maxine, Chicago


Clients love Rivkah’s creative, short haircuts and the sexy, feminine lines that come with them. "I disagree with the old standard that long hair is naturally more sexy," she says. "Short hair can make you feel like a new person, and really, once you go short, you may never go back." A stylist for nearly 10 years, Rivkah is known for her in-depth, thoughtful consultations. Besides Maxine's extensive training program, she has sharpened her skills through L'Oreal Professionnel and Shu Uemura Atelier courses.

Rivkah's haircuts are $80.00

Severn Dorre @ Maxine, Chicago

Severn Dorre, Maxine, Chicago


During his 15 years as a stylist, Severn Dorre has refined his specialty for men's clipper work and barber cuts. That said, he cuts a lot of women's hair too. He likes texture and strong shapes. "The sign of a good haircut is when people on the street ask you where you got it," he says. In fact, that's how Severn meets a lot of new clients. He studied with Art and Science, Vidal Sassoon and the Men's Work Academy, a division of American Crew. Severn has served as National Educator for D5 and has taught additional courses for Art and Science and American Crew. He has participated in many creative fashion shows, including Chicago Fashion, the Art Institute graduate fashion show. He was recently the featured stylist in's story on how to get celebrity hair and was featured in Vogue’s “Super Cuts”. In his free time, Severn enjoys salsa dancing, tending to his home and community activism.

Severn's haircuts are $80.00

Shelly Aguirre @ Maxine, Chicago

Shelly Aguirre, Maxine, Chicago

Stylist and Extension Specialist

Shelly’s hard-working, positive and upbeat personality make her one of Chicago’s most sought-after stylists and salon educators. Prior to joining Maxine, she spent 12 years teaching classes at salons and working major trade shows throughout the United States. She is skilled at precision haircutting, hair extensions and is certified and specializes in Great Lengths and Klix techniques as well as Keratin smoothing treatments.

Shelly's haircuts are $90.00

Andi Haynes @ Maxine, Chicago

Andi Haynes, Maxine, Chicago


Known for her attention to detail and creativity, Andi is renowned for her braiding prowess at Maxine and was trained in house at the rigorous Maxine Salon Cutting Program. Andi’s passion for people is apparent when asked who her dream client would be, saying, “Whoever sits in my chair becomes my dream client.” To Andi, the most important part of her job is ensuring that her client walks out of the salon feeling that they achieved the exact look they wanted.

Andi's haircuts are $70.00

Jenna Spino @ Maxine, Chicago

Jenna Spino, Maxine, Chicago


After completing Maxine’s esteemed cutting program, Jenna has continued to grow and learn in her career as a stylist. Jenna attends classes outside the salon to expand her repertoire and skills to bring back to her clients. From bobs to blowouts, long layers to up-dos, Jenna loves all aspects of cutting and styling.

Jenna's haircuts are $70.00

Ramona Villanueva @ Maxine, Chicago

Ramona Villanueva, Maxine, Chicago


Ramona began at Maxine Salon as a stylist apprentice, where she was surrounded by a wide variety of expert stylists and colorists. Ramona has experience cutting and styling all hair textures, and is especially passionate about creating a cut for her clients that best suits their everyday lifestyle while making them look and feel their best.

Ramona's haircuts are $80.00

Diane Mildice @ Maxine, Chicago

Diane Mildice, Maxine, Chicago


As head of Vidal Sassoon’s color department, this talented colorist ran the education program for all the salons’ color trainees. She also worked for Sassoon in London. During her 11 years at Trio salon she was on the education team. Diana specializes in balanced, dimensional color making her one of the best there is in color. “Your color should be believable, yet it needs a bit of an edge,” she says. And her job is to walk the fine line between the two. She recommends tweaking your hair color as the seasons change to keep it fresh. “It’s funny, people will buy a sweater and wear it once, when they wear their hair everyday,” she adds. “Your hair is an accessory, not something to maintain, so you should keep it interesting.” Diana’s work has appeared in Allure, Modern Salon and American Salon. She has participated in many hair shows, including the Alternative Hair Show in Chicago. Diana is clearly one of the top colorists Chicago has to offer. Away from the salon, Diana spends time with her two young children.

Jasen James @ Maxine, Chicago

Jasen James, Maxine, Chicago


Jasen James has been a top colorist for 20 years and working at Maxine, the top salon in Chicago, for at least half of those years. He is known for creative color and for his balayage (baliage/hair painting) technique. He is such a fan of balayage that he helped initiate it for the salon and was co-featured in the Chicago edition of Daily Candy for the "Bali-Curl" technique, which brings balayage to curly hair. He has been featured in Allure for his work with highlights and the magazine has named him "Best Colorist" and he is here in Chicago. Jasen was also included in the "Getting Gorgeous City by City" chapter of Charla Krupp's How Not to Look Old and in Real Simple’s “Hair Color 101.” "Your hair is one of your best investments," he says. "That's why you should seek out the color style that fits you, and no one else." In his down time he loves to experiment with new color techniques in Maxine's "lab," which produced Beach Balayage, Panel Color and Bali Color techniques for the salon. He has studied at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Los Angeles, the L'Oreal Professionnel Color Academy in New York City and with Franco Carletto in Rome, Italy.

John Blue @ Maxine, Chicago

John Blue, Maxine, Chicago


As one of the most sought-after color specialists in the city, and voted "Best Colorist" by Chicago magazine, John Blue has been painting the town since 1999. His approach to color is simple; enhance what you were born with, factoring in your skin, eye color and natural texture and tonality. Blue says, "So many people go against the grain of what they naturally have, and it can sometimes work to their disadvantage. Why wouldn't you want something that's softer, less contrived and more believable with less maintenance?" Having started his career in Minneapolis, followed up with a two-year stint at Van Michael Salons in Atlanta, John Blue advanced his career further in 2004 as a Global Hair Color Educator for Aveda. Shifting gears years later, he focused his hair coloring passion to a new level by becoming a Certified Balayage Expert by attending the L'Oreal SoHo Academy in NYC. Outside the salon, Blue and his work have been featured on TLC's "A Makeover Story," WGN news, and in a variety of publications, including Elle, URB and Modern Salon.

Karissa Schaudt @ Maxine, Chicago

Karissa Schaudt, Maxine, Chicago


A graduate of the prestigious three-year Maxine Salon coloring program, Karissa has felt the calling to be in the industry since she told her second grade teacher she wanted to make people beautiful for a living. “I produce fashion forward beauty, and in doing so create unique, compelling and flattering looks for each and every individual who sits in my chair,” she says. Karissa is known for creating natural, beautiful looking hair through balayage and has a special love for delivering a gorgeous red. Karissa is committed to her clients desires and is determined to achieve the exact look they imagine.

Lauren Van Beek @ Maxine, Chicago

Lauren Van Beek, Maxine, Chicago


A graduate of the Paul Mitchell School, colorist Lauren Van Beek is a balayage specialist. The Michigan native has been schooled in the art of color at Maxine Salon and also completed courses in New York City’s L’Oreal Academy in Soho. Lauren’s biggest concern is creating a naturally beautiful look for clients and educating them on how to care for their hair after they step out of the salon.

Rex Jimieson @ Maxine, Chicago

Rex Jimieson, Maxine, Chicago


Rex has been coloring hair since 1993. He is an expert in all techniques including balayage, foil highlighting, corrective color, single and double process. Rex has traveled nationally and internationally to acquire his education from the best sources including Vidal Sassoon, L'Oreal Professionnel, and Toni & Guy. He is a former member of the L'Oreal Professionnel Technical Team, and has spent most of his career as an in salon educator. Rex approaches each client with compassion and a creative eye.

Robert Bennett @ Maxine, Chicago

Robert Bennett, Maxine, Chicago


A veteran of 23 years at Maxine and top in Chicago, colorist Robert Bennett excels at structured, disciplined color placement for soft, natural highlights. "I love beautiful color whether it's highlights or lowlights," he says. "It's important to maintain the integrity of the hair, in terms of respecting the base color and overall health." As Robert executes his polished, sophisticated look, he labors over the details-even going so far as tinting clients' brows to complement their hair color. Robert has studied at The L'Oreal Professionnel Color Academy in New York City and with Toni & Guy in Paris, France. He has also trained extensively with Perma of Paris and led their color education seminars. He developed the Tiered Color and Smudging techniques for Maxine. Robert has been featured in Fitness, Lucky and in the "Getting Gorgeous City by City" chapter of Charla Krupp's How Not to Look Old. He has participated in countless TV makeovers, such as Ambush Makeover and the makeover segments on WGN and Fox.

Sarah Kochan @ Maxine, Chicago

Sarah Kochan, Maxine, Chicago


A colorist of 18 years, Sarah Kochan is known for her deep, rich redheads and vibrant brunettes. Also an expert in bayalage (baliage), she creates natural, wearable color that lasts. In fact, Vogue magazine recognized her work as one of the country's best colorists for brunettes and from Chicago.

Her approach is to tailor the color to each individual client. "You have to wear the color, instead of letting the color wear you," she says. She also believes that small changes can make a huge difference. Sarah has trained at the L'Oreal Professionnel Color Academy in New York City and has taught her color technique to colorists at Maxine. In her spare time she enjoys lakefront bike rides with her daughter and playing tennis.

Stacie Magana @ Maxine, Chicago

Stacie Magana, Maxine, Chicago


Stacie graduated from Maxine's intensive training program and trained at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Barbara. She loves coloring blondes, especially double process or platinum blondes. "I take my blondes seriously," she says. If you are seeking the best and blondest version of balayage in Chicago, Stacie is the colorist for you. It's not all cutting edge, however, as she also creates beautiful golden and caramel highlights as well.

Tina Deeke @ Maxine, Chicago

Tina Deeke, Maxine, Chicago


After 12 years as a stylist, Tina switched to the color side. Today, Tina is a senior colorist with 18 years of experience at Maxine. She is a virtuoso of both natural and creative color. Tina helped initiate balayage into our salon.

Tracey Dryer @ Maxine, Chicago

Tracey Dryer, Maxine, Chicago


As a colorist since 1997, Tracey creates beautiful results whether you’re a blonde, brunette or redhead. She has taken classes in creative color at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in London and L’Oreal SoHo Academy in New York City. Tracey has created color for the Alternative Hair Show, Glahm Camp and for “A Makeover Story” on the TLC network.

Maxine Kroll @ Maxine, Chicago

Maxine Kroll, Maxine, Chicago


Maxine Kroll has owned and operated Maxine, a popular Magnificent Mile salon, since 1986. "We're a full-service, downtown salon with a first-rate reputation, yet everyone here is friendly and nurturing," she says. "Taking care of our clients is our first priority."

Maxine began her career as a stylist at Vidal Sassoon where she developed management teams in Chicago, New York and L.A. She opened her own salon on Walton Street with a staff of five stylists and colorists. Business grew steadily as loyal clients spread the word to friends and associates about the salon's excellent cutting and coloring services.

In 1997 Maxine bought a brownstone at the present Rush Street location and renovated it with architect Ron Vari. In 2006, with the addition of the Flagship L'Oréal Professionnel Haircolor Center and Kérastase Treatment Institute, the salon was updated into an open, contemporary, architectural space.

Today, Maxine employs a staff of over 50, with 21 hair stylists and 10 colorists. Her salon enjoys a national reputation for expert styling and the latest color techniques; it has been fetured in Vogue, Allure, Elle, InStyle, Lucky, W, Glamour and more national and local publications.

Tracey Moran @ Maxine, Chicago

Tracey Moran, Maxine, Chicago


Tracey began her career at the original Walton Street location as an assistant while still in high school. Since then she has worn many administrative hats. Tracey has lived through many changes here, including the moves, the renovations and the integration of the L’Oreal Professionnel Haircolor Center and the Kérastase Treatment Center into the salon. Tracey was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, where she lives today. She and her husband have three beautiful little girls – a redhead, a brunette and a blonde, all of whom keep her very busy.

Esther @ Maxine, Chicago

Esther , Maxine, Chicago

Head Concierge

What does your job entail? "I oversee the receptionist and assistant teams. As a receptionist, I handle checking clients in and out, booking appointments and making sure clients know where to go."

What is the best thing about working at Maxine? "My clients. I have been here for so long, that many of the clients knew me before I was a wife and a mother. I love knowing about their lives and its great when they want to know about mine."

What has been your career high? "Working under our salon manager, Tracey Moran. She has been with Maxine forever and she knows so much. I continue to learn from her everyday."

What do you never leave home without? "My purse. It holds my entire life in it."

Who is your style icon? Why? "Dita Von Tesse. I love the pin up look."

What movie character is most like you? "Cinderella."

What was the best decade for hair and why? "The 40’s. The peek-a-boo bang, the top reverse roll, pin curls, side rolls, etc. I love that look."

What is the hair care product you cannot live without? "Kerastase Oleo-Curl Cream."

Rick @ Maxine, Chicago

Rick , Maxine, Chicago


What does your job entail? "Making sure clients are being taken care of, including check-in, booking and check-out."

Where did you grow up? "Spain."

What is the best thing about working at Maxine? "The respect we all have for one another."

What is one special thing that everyone should know about Maxine Salon? "We are one of the top hair salons in the country, without any of the stuffiness."

Favorite restaurant? "Rosebud."

Who is your style icon and why? "Alexander McQueen. He was an incredible talent who thought outside of the box."

If there were a movie about your life, what would it be called? "Funny Girl."

What was the best decade for hair and why? "The 90’s, a supermodel decade."

Carlos @ Maxine, Chicago

Carlos , Maxine, Chicago


What does your job entail? "My work is customer service, which includes greeting clients, answering phones, and offering clients guidance."

What is the best thing about working at Maxine? "It has always been a caring family environment."

What has been your career high? "There can always be more. But what I enjoy the most is when clients seek me out for personal assistance."

What do you do in your free time? "Spend time with family and friends, build Legos, play video games and run."

Favorite restaurant? "Mon Ami Gabi."

Who is your style icon? Why? "Kate Moss. No one will ever be as good as her."

What movie character is most like you? "C-3PO, because he’s a protocol droid programmed to understand human behavior."

What is your daily hair routine? "Praying that it doesn’t keep falling out, putting things on it to keep it from falling out, drying it, styling it, praying some more. "

Hair Salon Services



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A Dry Haircut is great on all textures. It creates loose, undone hair that is full of movement by working with it in its natural state. The same pricing structure applies.

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$40 +
Braids are a fabulous alternative to a blowdry. They are done on as-is hair and take less than 30 minutes. Braids stylishly work for any occasion from simply going to the gym, to taking a vacation, to an evening out.



Have you spent years trying to grow your hair long only to have the bottom lengths split and break over and over again? Have you curled your hair for a special occasion only to have the curls fall right out? Have you ever wished for a thicker and bouncier ponytail? Have you ever wanted to change your color frequently, but your hair is too fragile? If you can answer yes to any of these questions extensions can be your salvation. We use clip-ins or semi-permanent extensions to achieve it. Book a consultation with our specialists to find out how easily you can have fuller, thicker, longer, color-matched hair of your dreams.

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$75 +

$85 +



Since our color services do not include a blow-dry, we offer a special priced color blow-dry for $35 with select stylists. If you prefer DIY, we have a Blow-dry Bar stocked with Kérastase styling products, brushes and hairdryers.

$70 +

DOUBLE PROCESS, bleach & tone
$120 +

HOMME, a color treatment for men
$50 +

Additional $25

$150 +

$180 +

$130 +

$160 +

PARTIAL HIGHLIGHTS + single process
$165 +

FULL HIGHLIGHTS + single process
$195 +





RELAXER (includes a blow-dry/style)
$155 +

$350 +
An OSHA certified keratin straightener that delivers smoother hair with body.

$145 +

$660 +

ELLE-approved salons

Maxine Salon assembled a list of ELLE-approved salons!

Maxine is located at 712 North Rush Street in Chicago.

  • Maxine, Chicago: MAXINE SALON, CHICAGO
  • Maxine, Chicago: MAXINE, SALON, CHICAGO
  • Maxine, Chicago: MAXINE, SALON, CHICAGO
  • Maxine, Chicago: MAXINE, SALON, CHICAGO

Maxine carries Kerastase

Kerastase and Recherche Avancée L'Oréal provide an art of haircare: in-salon experiences and customised at-home programmes, adapted to every individual client.

Maxine offers Hair Color Services

Hair color can make the whole difference and needs the best of care. If you are looking for the best hair colorist to enhance your natural hues, check out our selection of the specialists for hair color among the Leading Salons.

Maxine offers Hair Extensions

Add some hair extensions and length to your hair without damaging it at one of our extensions specialists salons. Extensions is the best way to get long beautiful full and long hair easily.

Maxine offers Hair Spa Services

Hair Spa Treatments focus on the beautification of your hair and take your hair from stressed (by hair-color, sun, wind, blow-drying, etc) to silky, shiny and bouncy. Specialty treatments include deep-conditioning therapies and hair color corrections.

Maxine offers Men's Grooming Services

Indulge yourself with Men's Grooming services at one of the Leading Salons listed below. These salons offer the best Men's Grooming services.

Maxine offers Wedding Services

Is your special day coming? We selected for you the best Wedding services among all our wonderful salons. Those hairdresser will make your Wedding day even more beautiful. Bride and grooms, get your hair ready!

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