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  • Art Lab, Madrid
    Art Lab, Madrid
  • Art Lab, Madrid
    Art Lab, Madrid
  • Art Lab, Madrid
    Art Lab, Madrid
Art Lab, Madrid
  • Art Lab, Madrid
  • Art Lab, Madrid
  • Art Lab, Madrid
  • Art Lab, Madrid
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Art Lab, Madrid

Art Lab in Madrid is a revolutionary place, a new concept. Art Lab is a reference in the world of beauty and wellness. Art Lab is the result of 15 years of experience in the fashion world. The creative team is waiting for you, the team will help you become aware of your assets to enhance your beauty through careful analysis.

Art Lab’s philosophy is to bring beauty to society and society to the environment. Therefore, in their desire to combine the quality of services and care of nature, they work with the AVEDA brand, whose products are prepared from pure essences of flowers and plants respecting the environment.

Art Lab is a new understanding of beauty, an adventure full of energy and renewal.
Art Lab is a unique place where you will find the secret to highlight your beauty.

We want you to have a real luxury experience. For instance, if you arrive at Art Lab in Madrid by car, someone will collect and park your vehicle so that your arrival is as comfortable as possible.

Salon Opening Hours

From Tuesday to Friday 10:00 am - 09:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am - 03:00 pm

Art Lab

Calle Irún, 25
28008 Madrid

T. +34 91 758 68 78


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City Guide Madrid

Fran Alemany @ Art Lab, Madrid

Fran Alemany, Art Lab, Madrid

Master Colorist

He has trained with the best and in his short but intense career he has formed an enviable CV, becoming in the last couple of year the favourite hair colorist of the Spanish celebs, actresses and models.

Backing on natural tones, he does not like styling without adding personality. In his 5 years as a Master Colorist at Art Lab, he has managed to become a niche among the best in the country and is a reference for style and techniques for many other professionals. He has done many interviews and articles on fashion and beauty with some of the most important magazines such as Vogue, Elle, SMODA, Cosmopolitan, Mujer Hoy, etc.

His work also has numerous followers following videos published each month through different beauty channels. Among the best known videos, is "How to Ombreé Hair", which has had more than 1 million visits.

During his career, his style has become completely natural. The effects he likes to use are very wearable, natural, subtle. He is committed to using the colours in a natural way, emphasizing the beauty of the hair and adding shades that create movement. Being very observant and interested in each of the people who come to him in the Salon , he interprets your tastes and likes to suit the most flattering style for you

He is always aware of the latest fashion and takes inspiration from urban looks and icons in fashion magazines, but he always tailors to the personality of each client. He regards Miucca Prada and Christopher Robin as his idols and he loves the style of the 20s and 50s. All who work with him are in awe of his ability to create a unique, intimate atmosphere, thanks to his communication skills and good humour. He considers image as the pinnacle of presentation and it’s his greatest satisfaction knowing that he can translate the needs of others and promote the best of each of them.

Víctor Latorre @ Art Lab, Madrid

Víctor Latorre, Art Lab, Madrid

Hair Colorist

Victor is passionate about the world of image, and he has earned recognition through hard work. He has worked for 10 years in various prestigious salons and has received technical training from internationally renowned hairdressing firms.

He uses fashion magazines and the current trends to help adapt to each customer, knowing that every person has a special look that can be enhanced; in fact what he enjoys most is the diversity of styles that a person can have within the hands of a professional. He likes to play with shades and tones, bringing variety to his work, which he considers an art. Victor is a methodical person who works with communication: "dialogue is essential for making a verdict, so I like Art Lab because we can provide professional advice, tailored to each person without falling into obligations of style or baseless recommendations " He has been part of the Art Lab team for more than three year.

Luciano De Paoli @ Art Lab, Madrid

Luciano De Paoli, Art Lab, Madrid

Hair Stylist

Regarded as one of the best stylists in Italy, Luciano De Paoli owned a leading salon in Rome for 10 years.

He fell in love with the Spanish culture, and decided to make a change in his career by moving and settling in to Spain as an exclusive image consultant, beginning this new stage of his life extremely motivated.

His excellent training and ability to achieve fantastic and unique styles for his clients have led him to work on numerous fashion editorials and fashion shows as well as collaborate with well-known celebrities after only working at Art Lab for 4 years.

With over 15 years of experience in the sector, Luciano demonstrates such passion for his work every day. He's a perfectionist and an experienced professional with an enormous capacity to interpret the likes of each client. Loving the looks of the 30s, refined, elegant and chic, he knows how to perfectly combine a natural style with cool personality.

Beatriz Mora @ Art Lab, Madrid

Beatriz Mora, Art Lab, Madrid

Hair Stylist

A stylist for vocation, a recognised visagista and expert in hair cutting. A compelling CV that demonstrates Beatriz Mora’s professionalism and track record where training has been fundamental.

It has been more than 18 years since her interest in the world of fashion and beauty began. Before arriving at Art Lab, she had already collaborated with Armani, L'Oreal and Matrix, where she was always characterized through her upbeat personality and combination of sophistication and ease in her creations that she does better than anyone else.
Her five years as a stylist at Art Lab also includes collaborations with fashion editorials, interviews and opinion articles in the beauty sections of major fashion magazines and the direction for two consecutive years of the hairdressing design at Cibeles Bridals Fashion Show.

One of the aspects that motivates her when working is the extraordinary change that occurs when a person applies a certain colour or a flattering hairstyle. "Knowing to tailor a look to the personality and style of each client is a challenge for me," she says. When working, Beatriz is very inspired by the 60s and 80s, two decades that fascinate her: "In the 60s, hairstyles became one of the hallmarks of identity for each person, especially within the young, making it east to identify them with certain ideals or beliefs, or frame them as supporters of particular trends, "she says. With these references, her own background and her awareness of trends, Beatriz only needs to understand the personality and tastes of each client to find the perfect look.

Irina City @ Art Lab, Madrid

Irina City, Art Lab, Madrid

Spa & Beauty Expert

"An expert in health and beauty, his hands convey calm and mime"

Peace fills the cabin where Irina City makes treatments. Aware of the importance of the skin, both in terms of image and health, Irina takes place every contact with kindness and gentleness, looking sensations of comfort and well - being.

Lili Zub @ Art Lab, Madrid

Lili Zub, Art Lab, Madrid

Salon Manager

"Welcome, managing appointments and personal attention."

Since 2013 Lili managed from receipt of Art Lab, in charge of appointments and reservations, accompanying clients to different areas of the room and personalized attention from them.

Hair Salon Services


Barber Shop

cut € 67
brushing € 35
Hairstyle € 67
Collected or holiday hairstyle € 120
Cut and blow dry € 80
Cutting and styling € 96
cut man € 45
Cutting Review € 25
Court children € 33


Extensions ask for budget
Hair Loss Treatment € 67
Keratin Straightening Treatment from 335 €
Hyaluronic Acid Treatment € 125
Exoplastia from 200 €



Semipermanent Color from 56 €
Permanent color from 62 €
Rovings or reflexes from 73 €
Californian Wicks from € 100
Henna from 67 €


Facials Perricone Md

Facelift € 85
Restorer with neuropeptides € 85
Nutrition Olive and Chia € 85
Brightness € 85
Detox-Chloro Plasma Antiox € 85

Bonus Facials Perricone Md

3 sessions (-10%) € 229.50
6 sessions (-15%) € 433.50
12 sessions (-20%) € 816


Facials Aveda

Elemental nature € 50
Illuminator to Tourmaline € 50
Green Science € 50
Enbrightenment € 50
Outer Peace € 50
Perfecting peel plant € 50

Bonus Facials Aveda

3 sessions (-10%) € 135
6 sessions (-15%) € 255
12 sessions (-20%) € 480


Peeling treatments Medik8 Facials

Chemical or enzymatic peeling
€ 60

Bonus Medik8 Facial Peeling

3 sessions (-10%) € 162
6 sessions (-15%) € 306


Aveda Body Treatments

Aqua Polish € 50
Elemental nature € 50
stress Fix € 50
Balancing Chakras € 75
You pregnant € 50

Bono Aveda Body Treatments

3 sessions (-10%) € 135
6 sessions (-15%) € 255
12 sessions (-20%) € 480


Manicures and Pedicures

Traditional Aveda M 15 € / P 40 €
Deluxe M 30 € / P 45 €
Spa M 40 € / P 55 €



Permanent € 50
Eyelash tinting € 20
Permanent and eyelash tinting € 60
Eyelash extensions € 150



Depilations ask for budget



Option 1: in Hall
Make up and hairstyle. Wedding + Test = 550 €

Option 2: Delivery
In Madrid capital: Make-up and hairstyle. Wedding + Test = 625 €
In municipalities of the Community of Madrid: Make-up and hairstyle. Wedding + Test = 700 €

In Salon: Make-up guests: € 100 / Hair guests: € 100
Delivery: Make-up guests: 125 € / Hair guests: 125 €

Art Lab is located at Calle Irún, 25 in Madrid.

Art Lab carries Aveda

The art and science of pure flower and plant essences is the core of Aveda. Our beauty products are alive with the life force of plants, and contain pure essential oils. Aveda is a green company; all their products are made with over 50% natural products, their packages are all made from recycled products, and they are the first company to run factory's completely on wind power. Their mission is to "care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. at aveda, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.

Art Lab offers Hair Color Services

Hair color can make the whole difference and needs the best of care. If you are looking for the best hair colorist to enhance your natural hues, check out our selection of the specialists for hair color among the Leading Salons.

Art Lab offers Hair Extensions

Add some hair extensions and length to your hair without damaging it at one of our extensions specialists salons. Extensions is the best way to get long beautiful full and long hair easily.

Art Lab offers Hair Spa Services

Hair Spa Treatments focus on the beautification of your hair and take your hair from stressed (by hair-color, sun, wind, blow-drying, etc) to silky, shiny and bouncy. Specialty treatments include deep-conditioning therapies and hair color corrections.

Art Lab offers Men's Grooming Services

Indulge yourself with Men's Grooming services at one of the Leading Salons listed below. These salons offer the best Men's Grooming services.

Art Lab offers Spa Services

If you are looking for Spa Services to relax yourself, the following salons are offering the best Spa treatments for your hair.

Art Lab offers Up do's

Have you ever watched a hair tutorial and wondered why it seems way easier to do for her than for you? Well, our stylists are here to help. 

Art Lab offers Wedding Services

Is your special day coming? We selected for you the best Wedding services among all our wonderful salons. Those hairdresser will make your Wedding day even more beautiful. Bride and grooms, get your hair ready!

Art Lab, Madrid

Calle Irún, 25, Madrid, 28008, Spain

T. +34 91 758 68 78


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