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  • Studio MW, Montréal
    Studio MW, Montréal
  • Studio MW, Montréal
    Studio MW, Montréal
Studio MW, Montréal
  • Studio MW, Montréal
  • Studio MW, Montréal
  • Studio MW, Montréal
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Studio MW, Montréal

In Studio MW in Montreal, you can enjoy a relaxing and urban atmosphere. Studio MW is the perfect place where you can lose yourself in the expert hands of beauty professionals.

Studio MW has a partnership with Wella, the world's leading hair product company. Thus, your hair will always look great.

Studio MW's calm and friendly ambiance is always nice. Studio MW is located in the heart of a flourishing neighborhood.

Studio MW also has an inviting gallery space with a modern and sophisticated minimalist design, allowing you to discover, or even rediscover, the works of photographers from Montreal and surrounding areas.

Studio MW in Montreal also has experts in fashion, easing your transition to create or redefine your image.


Salon Opening Hours

Monday - Tuesday 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
From Wednesday to Friday 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Studio MW

400 Mcgill
QC H2Y 2G1 Montréal

T. +1 514 393 3969


Each top salon in Montreal has the best stylists and highest quality hair products to ensure you will love your new hairstyle! Find out here nice places to sleep, have lunch or dinner and go shopping, so that your Montreal trip should be wonderful!

City Guide Montreal

Judith M - Owner @ Studio MW, Montréal

Judith M - Owner, Studio MW, Montréal

Judith is in the hair industry since 1998.
Communication, contact with people and creation in evolution is what stimulates her particularily. The wonderfull world of hairdressing offers a nice harmony of all those elements.
She uses people's phisical assets as well as their personnality for inspiration and loves to work the hair in his truest form as a matter.

*Scissor blades are my soul and creations
my spirit.

Francis Girard - Hairdresser and Colourist @ Studio MW, Montréal

Francis Girard - Hairdresser and Colourist, Studio MW, Montréal

Francis is in the beauty business for over 20 years as a hairdresser and colorist.
He has been working his art in salons but also in editorial and cinema. Direct contact and exchange between client and hairdresser is his motivation.
He gets his inpiration by all forms of art, as well as by the streets and the people. He has good ideas to work around and is always willing to share them with collegues and clients.

*Feel good about yourself.

Rodnny Lago - Colourist @ Studio MW, Montréal

Rodnny Lago - Colourist, Studio MW, Montréal

Rodnny Lago is in the beauty business since Sept. 2000.
A smile on his client's face is his true motivation. To see them feel better is his gratification.  
He wants to bring natural shades to hair, play with all kind of nuances and create effects closer to the existing color.

*Avant garde and good taste are waiting for you.

Carole Quintal - Hairdresser @ Studio MW, Montréal

Carole Quintal - Hairdresser, Studio MW, Montréal

Carole Quintal started hairdressing in 1970.
What she loves in hairdressing is to make the clients happy and to be attentive to their needs as well as working in a welcoming and comfortable space.
Wisdom, creativity, diversity, passion and energy is what Carole brings to the beauty industry.

*Love life and never stop learning.

James - Hairdresser @ Studio MW, Montréal

James - Hairdresser, Studio MW, Montréal

James has been in the hairdressing business since the year 2000.
After completing his base training, he perfected his art with master hairdressers from Vidal Sassoon giving him the tools to teach young becoming hairdressers.
Influenced by fashion and its design, visual art and music, he appeciates working with clients as much as on shoots, shows and other such events.
Inspired by harmonious shapes and beauty, this is what James uses to define what’s trendy.

*Why worry

Isabelle - Hairdresser and Colourist @ Studio MW, Montréal

Isabelle - Hairdresser and Colourist, Studio MW, Montréal

Isabelle works in the fashion environment since 1999.
Hairdressing is such a large universe... She now works behind the chair and loves the quality time she spends with her costumers. Through the years, she traveled around the the world to perfect her knowledge and participated to many internationnal competitions. She then found herself working on film/tv set and afterwards she was teaching her passion in a hairdressing school.
Isabelle is lying in wait of new tendances, she will always have something new to propose.

*One never goes so far as when one doesn't know where one is going  - Christophe Colomb

Robby - Hairdresser and Colourist @ Studio MW, Montréal

Robby - Hairdresser and Colourist, Studio MW, Montréal

Here's Robby.
Cutting, styling, coloring and weaving is what he does.
He's been working in this industry that he loves just as much as his shoes, lol, since 2001.
Embracing cultures is where he feels the most inspired. When choosing a hairstyle, remember that attitude and confidence is everthing.

Robby likes to live by the saying:
*Forever in the moment. It's just easier that way.

Ines Ben Khernis - Manager and Receptionist @ Studio MW, Montréal

Ines Ben Khernis - Manager and Receptionist, Studio MW, Montréal

Inès arrived in the hair world by chance in march 2010. Yet, since her interrest keeps growing for this passionate world.
Inès studied fashion design and scenography.  She likes everything that relate to arts and design.
It is fulfilling for her to work in a place where hapiness is tangible and where you can find exceptionnal talented people.
The Studio's environment helps her to offer the best customer service that lives up to the Studio M&W's name. With her constant positive attitude, her capacity for multitasking and her organisation skills, Inès makes sure that every client's experience at the Studio is relaxing and enjoyable.

*Organiser, ce n'est pas mettre de l'ordre, c'est donner de la vie.

Jamie Parenteau - Hairdresser and Colourist @ Studio MW, Montréal

Jamie Parenteau - Hairdresser and Colourist, Studio MW, Montréal

Jamie Parenteau has worked in the hair industry  since 1998. He always had an interest in Beauty, Fashion, Photography.
By working in the buisness he gets the chance to be a part of these three worlds following the latest trends, with a personalized touch and express his creativity.
He worked in retail at a young age and made contact with some of Montreals best stylists and designers which sharpened his eye, and gave him the confidence he needed to become a hairstylist in 1999.
Since then he's been lucky to work with many photographers on different shoots and even  stepped behind the lens, working on his own projects.

*Nobody can go back and start a new begining, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

Tania Dos Santos - Senior Hairstylist @ Studio MW, Montréal

Tania Dos Santos - Senior Hairstylist, Studio MW, Montréal

Tania has always worked in the beauty/service industry. Doing everything from assistant to reception.
Beacause of this, she brings a unique aspect to the reception. An all around understanding of how a salon works. Her attraction to StudioM&W started when she came as a client. The unique approach of the salon and it’s owners is what made her stay.

* To love beauty is to see light  -Victor Hugo

Tasha - Head Assistant @ Studio MW, Montréal

Iris - Receptionnist @ Studio MW, Montréal

Alexis - Assistant @ Studio MW, Montréal

Karina - Assistant @ Studio MW, Montréal

Debbie - Assistant @ Studio MW, Montréal

Hair Salon services


*starting prices

Men's Cut $40
Woman's Cut only $56
Woman's Cut and Blow Dry $64
Blow Dry $42
Root Coloring $60
Full Head Coloring $72
Partial Highlights $88
Full Head Highlights $140
Color Filler $30
Toner $22
Bleach $60
Color Remover $48
Relaxer $70
Treatment $20
Bangs Trim $12

* Updo...
  (Price on consultation)

* Weaving
  (Price on consultation)

* Prices are subject to change
without notice

Studio MW is located at 400 Mcgill in Montréal.

  • Studio MW, Montréal: STUDIO MW, SALON, MONTREAL
  • Studio MW, Montréal: STUDIO MW, SALON, MONTREAL
  • Studio MW, Montréal: STUDIO MW, MONTREAL SALON
  • Studio MW, Montréal: STUDIO MW, SALON, MONTREAL
  • Studio MW, Montréal: STUDIO MW, SALON, MONTREAL
  • Studio MW, Montréal: STUDIO MW, SALON, MONTREAL

Studio MW carries label.m

label.m – the official haircare product of the London Fashion Week - is an award-winning fashion-inspired range developed by professional stylists under the creative eye of a dynamic International Artistic Team led by Toni Mascolo & Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck.

Our mission is to inspire and nurture creativity and individuality in professional stylists and clients around the world.

Studio MW carries Moroccanoil

At Moroccanoil, our passion is empowering beautiful transformations. We started with the original Moroccanoil Treatment which revolutionized the haircare industry. We built our reputation on positive word of mouth from runways to salons to editorial spreads. Our antioxidant infused, nutrient rich, innovative formulas are unmatched and provide dramatic results. That is why salon-exclusive Moroccanoil is preferred by professionals and consumers alike -- because our products simply work.

Studio MW carries Sebastian Professional

Redefine. Redesign. Refine for maximum effect: gels and oils, creams and clays – there’s no limit to what you can create with Sebastian Professional.

Studio MW carries Wella

Styling products from Wella Professionals provide amazing hair styling results leaving hair shinier, healthier, and full of life.

Studio MW offers Hair Color Services

Hair color can make the whole difference and needs the best of care. If you are looking for the best hair colorist to enhance your natural hues, check out our selection of the specialists for hair color among the Leading Salons.

Studio MW offers Men's Grooming Services

Indulge yourself with Men's Grooming services at one of the Leading Salons listed below. These salons offer the best Men's Grooming services.

Studio MW offers Up do's

Have you ever watched a hair tutorial and wondered why it seems way easier to do for her than for you? Well, our stylists are here to help. 

Studio MW, Montréal

400 Mcgill, Montréal, QC H2Y 2G1, Canada

T. +1 514 393 3969


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