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LSW Circle of Beauty Influencers


As part of our new ambition to cover the world of Beauty from a very broad number of perspectives, LSW has identified and built exclusive relationships with some of the best Beauty/Wellness/Fitness/Fashion/Design/Stylist Experts in the world.

We have tailored exclusive services with each of them and are lucky to have them contribute to our “In the (K)now magazine”. Each month, each of them publishes an article in the Beauty Tailor Column.






Dr. Shirley Madhere: Renowned Plastic Surgeon. Her practice is holistic and her results simply beautiful. Healthy and natural-looking, always “your real Beauty”.
Tailored Service with LSW: “Jet Set beauty Rx” available in the privacy of your home, office, hotel…


Tony Molina: Personal trainer and lifestyle coach to the celebrities and whoever wants to feel better in their Life.
Tailored Service with LSW: “Training on multiple planes”


Dr. Brian Kantor: Cosmetic Dentist in New York City. His signature smile is perfectly imperfect! Doctor Kantor and LSW encourage you to take advantage of New York City life as you get your smile make-over done.
Tailored Service with LSW: “Your Smile by Dr. Kantor, your New York City experience by LSW”


Azin Valy: Fashion Designer. Azin designs gorgeous dresses and accessories from the satellite images of the City dear to your heart. Azin invites everyone to become an ambassador of a world we share the Beauty of. Her brand Cityzen by Azin is also carried in our Beautique.
Tailored Service with LSW: “Wear the Beauty of your favorite City”


Yuseff Smyth: Downtown New York Image Maker. Yuseff is a legend himself. His path has crossed many of the big legends’ and this has uniquely influenced his work and passion for image making.
Tailored Service with LSW: “Downtown NYC Image make-over”


Barbara Mutnick: Nail Beauty Magician. Barbara is the face behind lots of celebrities’ hands. She works her magic on your hands so they speak highly of you.
Tailored Service with LSW: “Celebrities treatment”


Michael Deloffre: Sculptor and Painter. Michael is uniquely inspired by Nature. He brings your space to life with a spectacular piece of Wood that only he knows how to make a statement of…
Tailored Service with LSW: “Living with Beauty”


Personal Cell Sciences: U-skincare fresh each month, made from your stem cells.
Tailored Service with LSW: “Complimentary Consultation with a PCS expert”


Chef Russel: Personal Chef. Chef Russel is a life-long New Yorker who has embraced the vibrant food culture of the city. He likes to invent simple dishes based on one ingredient of your choice.
Tailored Service with LSW: “Happy Papillae”


As Your Beauty Tailor, we hope to make a difference in your life.



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