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Prodosome™ Encapsulation

Prodosomes™ are unique phospholipid transport molecules that form 'carrier spheres' around multiple nutrients, then effectively shuttle them across digestive system membranes. By continually shuttling many nutrients into circulation at the same time, these nutrient clusters improve the body's ability to re-create, rebuild, and sustain optimal health at an unparalleled frequency.

This encapsulation process is used multiple times in the manufacturing of Prodovite, allowing for a range of both fat and water soluble compounds to be held collectively at different levels within the spherical layers. Due to these many layers, specific nutrients are instantly released and others are released later in the digestive process to ensure a longer, sustainable, and more beneficial blood serum level. It is precisely this unique attribute that creates maximum nutrient synergy and benefits.

The size of nutrient particle is also reduced, often by a factor of 3-4 times; for many particles, down into the nanometer realm. This process is called Low-Shear TBJet Compression, which is a type of advanced wet milling that mechanically predigests the ingredients resulting in a product having the same size as that in a healthy digestive system. Encapsulating a particle with a reduced size means absorption can begin in the mouth via a rich supply of blood vessels under the tongue. This initial absorption is felt almost instantly. By-passing the need for disintegration and dissolution allows a large amount of nutrients to be absorbed, even in a digestive system that's weak or compromised.

Furthermore, while the stomach is designed to dissolve material into a form suitable for absorption, it can also damage those same particles. The Prodosome™ capsules are formulated in a way that protects the payload from the stomach's acid and physical churning, while still being able to be broken down further in the digestive system. Due to the Low-Shear TBJet Compression reducing the particle size, once the protective layer is dissolved, the nutrient dense payload has a greater surface area than would otherwise be present, allowing for greater absorption rate.

Even the Prodosome's™ phospholipid layers offer nutritional benefits and perform a wide range of other vitally important cellular functions, including:

- Building blocks of the biological cell membranes
- Transmitter of biological signals across cell membranes
- Efficient storage of energy - Transporter of fat between the gut and liver in digestion
- Acetylcholine source; the most common neurotransmitter substance

Prodosome™ Technology allows for a more efficient absorption ratio; a claim that cannot be made by manufactures of pills, capsules, and other liquid supplements.* Prodovite™ utilizes the Prodosome™ Technology for all active ingredients. No other product on the market can make that claim. This ensures the highest level of nutrient bio-availability while also ensuring that Prodovite™ is a one-of-a-kind supplement.


Watch stunning before and after results of what an individual's blood analysis looks like after 5 minutes. Prodovite's significantly beneficial effects are distinctly different from the mechanisms of products using highly alkaline buffers to 'force' an alkalyzing effect in the blood. Prodovite's effects are based entirely on nourishing the body's natural ability to regulate its own healthy blood properties. Prodovite's pH is between 3.6 and 3.8. So, it's NOT the pH of ProdoviteTM that causes its benefitical is the comprehensive nourishment.



Q Can children take Prodovite?
A Yes, but first check with your Pediatrician to adjust the amount based on body weight.
Q There are many potent multiple vitamin and mineral supplements on the market. What makes Prodovite™ better than some really great-looking multis?
A Prodovite™ eliminates the need for 'megadose supplements'. Prodovite™ provides more complete absorption of its ingredient payload at a much faster rate AND for a longer period of time than conventional supplements. Moreover, Prodovite™ contains some very special ingredients unavailable in any other multi technology. (Also see the answer on the Difference between Prodovite™ and Whole Food Supplements and the answer on vitamins and minerals being chemical isolates.)
Q What is the difference between the Prodovite™ and whole food supplements?
A This is a well-intentioned question, but is not really feasible to assess. There are too many multiple nutrient products on the market to undertake a comparative analysis. Any comparison would be an 'apples to oranges' comparison since the Prodovite™ technology represents a breakthrough in nutritional other technology compares. The comparison is not just about the nutrient content. It is about how the ingredients are prepared, processed, encapsulated in phospholipids, and delivered to the body that is strikingly different. Moreover, we engage in scientific research to validate the beneficial effects of our supplements. Most other companies don't. The best of them rely on the information supplied by the ingredient suppliers IF they use any evidence-based ingredients to begin with. Most of the others use 'borrowed' science', which in most cases is actually 'stolen'. That is, they use the scientific evidence from research on another company's premium quality version to support sales of their cheaper copy-cat version. Or, they don't say anything and hope the consumer stays ignorant and just buys the cheapest product because of the misleading claim that 'it doesn't really matter since they're all the same anyway.' While we use scientifically validated, evidence-based and branded ingredients, Victory commissions research on OUR finished products to validate their beneficial effects. There is no need for speculation or theoretical conjecture. Other companies need to do the same type of scientific validation if they want to have this information.
Q Vitamins and minerals in most supplements are chemical isolates created in a lab, and are fundamentally and bio-chemically not nearly as beneficial to the human body as total whole food supplements. Please comment.
A Based solely on the quality and diversity of ingredients, whole food supplements can be very beneficial as they are definitely superior to most conventional non-whole food supplements, that is, just USP vitamin and mineral products. Importantly, Prodovite™ is a multivitamin, mineral, and botanical formulation, containing very beneficial botanical extracts (i.e. herbs and phytonutrients). If the nutritional ingredients in Prodovite™ were in the same form as those nutrients in all of the other standard non-whole food-based multis, then it would NEVER be able to dramatically change the properties of the blood in only a few minutes, which it does. Moreover, and most importantly, you would NOT want to deliver whole food ingredients so rapidly into the blood. That could have disastrous results, 'freaking out the immune system' from the presence of undigested whole food components in the blood. Keep in mind that after accidents, the number one cause of emergency room visits in this country is digestive problems. So, relying on food and whole supplements that require digestive processing (disintegration & dissolution) is not the best way to guarantee that the supplement ingredients get into the tissues where they are desperately matter how great the ingredients are or what the source is. The Prodosome™ encapsulated ingredients in Prodovite™ promote rapid absorption and utilization. In addition, minerals are not made in a laboratory. They are sourced from the earth or sea. They are then put into a simulated digestive environment with proteins, amino acids, or other organic acids and allowed to react with and bind to the organic acids, forming a 'chelated mineral', bonding in a similar fashion as exists in food. Prodovite™ essentially achieves the end result of absorption and bioavailability intended by the digestive process in only a few minutes. With the epidemic of digestive maladies, delivering the nutritional payload directly to the blood in a 'body friendly' form in such a short time is an extraordinary achievement.
Q Why is cyanocobalamin used as the source of vitamin B12 in Prodovite™ instead of the active methylcobalamin form?
A We appreciate and agree with the desire to have only the best ingredients in the product. The 'best' ingredients also must be the 'most appropriate' ingredients. Cyanocobalamin is an especially common vitamer of the vitamin B12 family. It is the most famous vitamer of the family, because it is, in chemical terms, the most air and water stable. So, the primary reason for using Cyanocobalamin is that Prodovite™ is a liquid and methylcobalamin is a much less stable form of B12 than '' form. In addition, vitamin B12 is very fragile, requiring cofactors for digestion and absorption (i.e. 'Intrinsic Factor') significantly reducing its absorption potential. The Low Shear TBJet Compression of ALL the ingredients, followed by the Prodosome™ process of the now-reduced and uniformly sized ingredient particles, eliminates the need of an extended digestive process. As such, B12 absorption is much higher when it is encapsulated within the Prodosome™ sphere.
Q Why is alcohol listed as an ingredient in Prodovite?
A A small amount of USP alcohol is used in the Prodosome™ production process. The amount of alcohol remaining in the product is extremely small. Most botanical extracts use alcohol both in the extraction process AND as a carrier to optimize absorption of the botanical, since alcohol absorbs rapidly. The amount of alcohol in Prodovite™ is nowhere near enough to pose a problem for anyone with an issue with alcohol, especially if it is diluted in water. In addition, this very small amount of alcohol serves as a mild preservative.
Q Why is ascorbic acid used for the vitamin C and not a whole food C complex?
A Once vitamin C is IN the blood, it is no longer a complex food source but has been reduced to its simple chemical form via digestion. Using ascorbic acid is an appropriate form to deliver vitamin C quickly into the blood stream with the SK713 SLP Prodosome™ delivery technology. (See also the answer on the Difference between Prodovite™ and Whole Food Supplements.)
Q I take a bisphosphonate drug to build my bone density. Can I take Prodovite™ as well?
A In the body, cells are created, have a functional life, and then they die; they actually turn themselves off in a sort of cell-suicide process (called "apoptosis" which leads to necrosis [cell death]). Normally, the body disposes of those dead cells. In the case of bone, bisphosphonate drugs prevent the disposal of those dead bone cells, making the bones denser (with dead bone cells) because they build up. While the bone does get 'thicker' and denser, numerous consequences have been reported with this forced retention of dead bone cells. A number of the other functions of the bones (like making red and white blood cells) can also be impaired, leading to unhealthy outcomes. Importantly, instructions for taking these bisphosphonate drugs include recommendations to supplement with Calcium and vitamin D. These instructions validate the need to continue to invest in building healthy bones and tissues whether you are taking these drugs or not! So, YES, continue to take Prodovite™ for your health.
Q Lots of competitors quote the Physicians Desk Reference saying that liquid vitamins are absorbed at a 98% rate verses only about 10-20% of vitamins that are capsules or tablet form. And yet there are articles alleging that that statement is misleading. What is the correct answer?
A A liquid delivery alone is not adequate to produce such a high rate of absorption. If you can't disintegrate a tablet within 30 minutes, chances are very high that you won't be able to properly digest the ingredients in a liquid either. In addition, the contents of the liquid are crucial determinants of how well they will be 'digested.' Prodovite™ is NOT 'just' a liquid supplement. It is unique and superior owing to its premium quality ingredients, proprietary production process, and the SK713 SLP Prodosome™ encapsulation technology.

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