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The Best Hair Colors For Every Season: Hair changes with each season, here are what's in for 2017/18

on August 26th, 2017

Our Beauty Influencer, the expert hair and makeup artist Jasmin Rainieri high-lights diverse seasonal hair trends. Discover them for 2017/18!



The Season between winter and summer, warmer weather, everything starts to bloom again. Hair colors change in this season too, think of warmer tones with some lightness and dimensions to it.


Add some caramel hues to your color to add some dimension and lighten your deep winter color. Paint (Balayage ) a few subtle tones of caramel and honey.
Finish with a golden gloss to add shine all over.



Blondes tend to get darker in the fall, add a few golden and champagne hue high-lights but keep it all natural and healthy looking. A kind of a wheat and beige colored blond all over.



On Redheads I would avoid high-lighting it too much and rather tone it into a rich golden copper red or auburn red.



The Season between Spring and Autumn. Everything is warm and light and bright out.


Bronde a cross between brown and blonde, look at Jennifer Lopez she is the perfect summer "Bronde" honey infused hue that adds warmth and dimension with very subtle high-lights.



Baby-lights, a sun kissed all over buttery blonde look, Balayage thick and thin hues of wheat and champagne with a creamy root.



Rose gold is the key, adding slightly pinker and apricot hues to red hair, cinnamon red is another tone that adds more boldness.



The Season after summer. A cooler season. End of summer. Richer bolder colors.


Toning hair into a deeper richer tone, chestnut brown, Mocha, Swiss chocolate hues.


Blonde /Fall:

Beige hues and darker ashier tones less high-lights more an all over deeper even color.



Terra Cotta, Deeper cooler hues.Think of deep copper strawberry



The cold and dark season. Deeper richer tones


Deep mochas, rich chocolates hue all even color, reflecting healthy shine.



Ash blonde, natural roots, frosty blond, platinum blondes with cool hues.



Deep Fiery Reds, blue and copper undertones. All rich and overall one color.


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