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Exciting: New Brand Announcement

on December 5, 2016

Veronique Gautier (LSW), David Kim (ensō), Maren Sostmann (LSW) and Amit Abraham (Head of Education for ensō and Master Session Artist for L’Oreal Pro)


ensō is the new onestyling: New brand. Same Company. More Passion.

New York, NY, November 20, 2016: It’s official, ensō replaces onestyling and will focus on the high-end professional market. It is live at

We are happy to announce ​the launch of the premium tools brand ensō​ - "By Hairstylists, For Hairstylists" from our Partner onestyling. The branding effort was led by LSW Partners, Veronique Gautier and Maren Sostmann, as part of their Brand-Building Boutique activity: Discover the new premium tools brand "By Hairstylists, For Hairstylists" and stay tuned for special LSW offers.


“In just a few years, the company onestyling has advanced to the forefront of the industry with one clear objective: raising the bar in the hairstyling profession. Today, we are proud to introduce the ensō brand as the ultimate symbol of our commitment to our shared passion for the Art of Styling. More than ever, ensō will pioneer new technologies that will unleash new creative possibilities for stylists. ensō is the quintessential professional tool for Stylists, both empowering and inspiring”.


THE ensō (円相, “circle”) AS THE BRAND SYMBOL
“A freehand brushstroke circle symbolizes the “perfect” moment when the mind is free and lets the body create. Master calligraphers begin their day by drawing an ensō, each and every day practicing perfecting their Art. This dedication inspires us as a company and drives our continuous pursuit for excellence, our sincere appreciation for beauty in its utmost details, and our passion for empowering Master Stylists with the best tools possible. Free of any constraints or limitations, they can create. We have re-designed our entire marketing (lines, packaging, website, store…) to communicate exactly that.” David Kim


The company reinforces its commitment to develop game changing technologies. These will soon be distributed under the name “ensō exclusives”. The very successful “epic” line remains as it has become synonymous with “performance”. The “cool” line replaces “verge” and is dedicated to Fashion trends. Finally, “curated by ensō” will regroup all the best tools developed by or with like-minded partners whose passion for innovation and quality match ensō standards and mission.


This philosophy is what has always made the company fundamentally different, and is the reason why ensō is able to pioneer the next generations of hair beauty tools that make a real impact in the practice of hairstylists.
More than ever, ensō will empower its Master Brand Ambassadors to lead our R&D process. ensō is the only brand that gives stylists the opportunity to design their own tools for their individualized needs, not just to test products that engineers have developed.
ensō is igniting a very dynamic and powerful Brand Ambassador Program. Check out how you can collaborate at
There is an opportunity for everyone: Master, Brand Ambassador, Student, Blogger or Fan.


ensō club
Professional Hairstylists can register to the ensō club and take advantage of amazing Monthly Must-Haves Deals designed for them, and to grow their Salon’s business.
Register here.


ensō academy
The ensō academy is a program dedicated to promoting Higher Hairstyling Education. We believe that true Art can only be passed on from Master to Student. We offer classes that replicate the apprenticeship dynamic. An ensō Brand Ambassador leads a program and teaches. A body of students, carefully selected, learn from the Master through listening, observing and practicing again and again. The very first ensō academy was led by Amit Abraham, ensō Head of Education, and Master Session Artist for L’Oréal Professional. November 20th and 21st in Atlanta Georgia. The ensō academy schedule will be posted on the ensō website:ō_academy


ensō INFO
Facebook: enso4stylists
Instagram: enso4stylists
Twitter: enso4stylists

CONTACT: Veronique Gautier - +1 917 434 6149 or

ensō Journey - ensō embodies the quintessential professional tool for Stylists, both empowering and inspiring.

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