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Jasmin Rainieri Interview

on July 7, 2016


Jasmin, we are so happy to welcome you on board as a Beauty Influencer. You are a perfect fit for the Leading Salons of the World…talented, successful, always beautiful and real!

So, officially, welcome, and thank you for doing this mini-interview so we introduce you to our Circle.

Always my favorite question: How did you get this idea of becoming a hair stylist?

First of all, I adored the old movies. I was a big fan as a child watching old movies, and still am. I loved Leslie Caron, American in Paris, Cary Grant my first crush, Audrey Hepburn and just the whole Hollywood glamour of those days… Grace Kelly was my favorite. Also, my mom was in cosmetics, so I kind of grew up with it. I started practicing on my former childhood dog… (laugh)

Was it a girl?

Yes, her name was Buffy, a beautiful Afghan dog with long hair and I decided one day to cut the hair short.

Was she ok?

Yes, she was fine.

Well, I guess it was not that bad since you decided to continue on that path and study hairstyling?

Yes, I studied in Germany with the intercoiffure Luitpold Figaro in Munich.

My Boss was very old school and trained by Alexandre de Paris. I had the best training in Up-Dos from her. She was amazing. We would be sent for education to Paris every 6 months. Meeting Alexandre in Paris was the first highlight of my career. It was a very incredible training. I feel blessed I had that experience.

You have a very impressive resume. You worked with some of the best in the profession.

Yes, I believe this is very important for anyone starting out to work for the top names out there and get as much education as you can - it will shape your path to a successful career. There is so much competition out there you have to make a name for yourself by learning from the best. When I first came to New York I went to Frederic Fekkai and the training with him was an amazing experience. I'm very lucky I worked with him.

What did you learn from your time with Fekkai?

All the styling and his cutting techniques. He is an incredible stylist and also incredibly charming, he was very dedicated and his philosophy is what I love, the natural, glamour, the class - he had it all.

What is the core of your expertise? Color?

Cut, color, style and even make-up. I can't choose, I love everything about enhancing someone's beauty, making them feel amazing. It is so rewarding about our job, so nice what you can do with color. You can change someone's skin tone by changing their hair color. It just brings up so much youth and beauty in the person.

How do you make these decisions about someone’s color? Most people cannot express or explain what they want or they do not know what works for them.

When someone comes in and tells you "I want to look like Jennifer Aniston” but she doesn’t have at all her coloring, you have to steer her away and go with her natural features… watch the eyebrows, watch the skin, the eyes, the natural roots...

I see a lot of blondes around you, is it because you like blonde? Is it because people ask you?

It’s funny! I do get a lot of blondes! The saying is if you are a blonde you go with a lot of blondes. But I actually love doing redheads, they are very distinct.

Is it very hard to do a good redhead?

Yes. A lot of people make the mistake to put too much red pigment, and not enough of the natural tone. It’s a bit more complicated…

It sounds that a part of your job is very technical, all this chemistry that you have to learn…

I love colors and I love painting my highlights on. I like the natural healthy look, what the earth gives us, the sun lights when we are children on the beach and you get the natural sun streaks. You just have to recreate that. This is why I love balayage so much. I love that technique because you are painting on top of the hair instead of saturating the entire hair. This is how you get this beautiful reflection of what the sun gives you.

That’s what I like so much about what you do. It comes out very natural and very much alive.

Yes, I love more natural. That goes for Make-up as well. I do dramatic as well and that can be fun if someone likes it, and lets you do as you like. But my philosophy is natural falling hair that you can easily recreate at home, effortlessly.

Now you work with television, news and celebrities. The job is a lot about image making.

Yes, for the studio, everything has to be a little bit “more” because it’s HD TV. But you still want them to look like the person they are. You don’t have to go crazy with color lipstick or anything like that. You want to keep in consideration the HD TV shows everything. So you have to know how to play with the shadows and adding the blush in the right spot. I airbrush most of my clients under the spot light.

How did you make that move from the salon to the studio?

Maybe luck, I don’t know. I kept getting referred. I started with one and then word of mouth… I also do make-up and hair all at the same time. It’s not easy to find someone who does both. I think that they like working with one person rather than multiple people.

Do you travel a lot for your work?

I travel to London, I have clients in Florida, Los Angeles and Paris.

That sounds like a very glamorous life! I guess you have this very intimate relationship with your clients right?

Yes, I am very lucky. I have great clients. Not too many difficult ones. I have been very lucky to attract very matchable personalities. They become part of your family. I build a trust with them that is very important.

Dealing with so many different types of people all the time and very closely, what have you learned about celebrities?

Celebrities are just like us, there are no differences between celebrities, you, me or anybody. They are just like us.

Whenever I see you, you are always smiling, you look happy. It feels really like you love what you do.

Oh, I love what I am doing. I could not see myself in an office job, like all day watching a monitor or something. I love all the creativity that my job gives me. I also come from an acting point of view, I studied theatre, art history so art is always a very important part of my life.

You had the chance to work with a lot of very talented people, Alexandre de Paris, Frederic Fekkai, all these figures in the profession. Have you recombined everything and find your own way, like the Jasmin’s legacy? (laugh)

Yes, overtime you develop your own style. You combine all of the techniques you were taught and add some of your own you pick up along the way. And voila, there is you the individual artist. And you have to give back, teach someone your technique.

Tell us what words describe you the best?

I am always giggling. (Laugh) I love making people laugh and I love when people make me laugh. Sense of humor is so important in life, and so is happiness. You have to strive for happiness, you have to put that first. If you don't like something about yourself or the job you need to change it. It's not getting better if you don't change, so take a risk.

What’s the future?

I am so excited to work with your wonderful company, The Leading Salons of the World. I believe in it totally, a great concept. I hope I can give some good beauty advice and be an influence at some point. I am just overall very excited.

Thank you so much for joining us. I think you will be a wonderful Beauty Influencer, contributor and a fun person to hang out with.

Thank you very much!

From left to right: Maren Sostmann, Jasmin Rainieri, Veronique Gautier


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