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Striking Oil

on June 10, 2016

Our Beauty Influencer and Holistic Plastic Surgeon Shirley Madhere gives some summer tips for your beauty:

Applying oil to the face was perhaps once considered a “don’t”. However, facial oils of late are more refined and essential to a modern woman’s skin care regime.

I have always been a fan of facial oil. In the past several years, I have experimented with many, and luckily, have found a few that l am happy to recommend to you. Personal experience, my own research, and my travels have led these essential oils to become some of the “tricks” in my trade and a one of the “tools” in my armamentarium against premature aging.


So, what is the point?

As we age, our skin becomes drier. We are more susceptible to our external environment, and we lose collagen-building. Our sebaceous glands make less oil, and our (skin) immunity is somewhat reduced.

Applying (some specific) facial oils help to reduce trans-epidermal evaporative water loss from our skin. thus helping to protect it. Also. adding a few drops of refined oil may allow our moisturizer of choice to work properly and effectively.

If these are not sufficient reasons to consider. perhaps a bit of aromatherapy may win you over. Some scents have positive effects on the psyche. Lavender helps to improve mood. Peppermint is invigorating. Mandarin is calming. Neroli has anti-depressant activity. There are oils for most of what ails you; and in combination with appropriate nutrition, skin care, exercise, and lifestyle management, these oils may help to bring about better balance on your skin, and in your life (in general, mix 1-3 drops into moisturizer and apply am and/or pm):


Lavender: pleasant aroma; mood elevator, beneficial in helping to regenerate skin cells; suitable for all skins types (unless known allergy, as with all, of course).

Carrot: improves skin tone; helps to fade scars; cell regeneration: possible sun damage repair.

Frankincense: anti-bacterial; anti-inflammatory; reduces fine wrinkles; anti-acne; cell regeneration; improves skin tone; cell protection.

Myrrh: helps repair sun damage; improves skin elasticity, helps soothe eczema.

Neroli: suitable for oily, dehydrated, mature or sensitive skin; cell regeneration; stretch marks; pore reduction; oil reduction.

Rose: for dry or aging skin; anti-microbial; anti-inflammatory; refines skin texture; stress reduction.

Tea tree: anti-bacterial; anti-acne.

Argan (Morocco): moisturizing conditioning; hydrating; antioxidant; anti-aging; suitable for all skin types.

Rosemary: uplifting; stimulates mental focus; supports hair follicle; oil reduction; anti-inflammatory; increases elasticity.

Sandalwood: after-shave; astringent; suitable for dry, sensitive, or inflamed skin.

Black Castor (Haiti):  minimizes redness; helps fade scars; revitalizes scalp; softens hair; reduces fine lines and wrinkles.


How to use:

Essential oils are very strong. Inappropriate use may lead to burns and adverse reactions. Always test an oil on your inner forearm and watch for reactions prior to use on your face. Please.

Always dilute an essential oil in either a carrier oil such as olive, jojoba. or grapeseed oil, or in a moisturizer. In general, add one drop of essential oil to one milliliter of carrier oil or moisturizer.


Would you consider using a facial oil? Which one(s) may benefit you?

I look forward to discussing the possibilities with you. See you soon, and here‘s to your beautiful health and wellness!


"Stay Beautiful - inside and out!"

Shirley Madhere

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