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What better way to start this new season than with a fresh hair style? It can be difficult to know what you should do that’s why we asked our Salon experts for their best hair care tips and favorite hairstyles for the fall season.

This week Paul Labrecque Salon from New-York and Atelier Christian Alexander from Brisbane give you some precious advice!


Paul Labrecque’s Recommendations




Healthy hair is always most important over any seasonal trend, if your hair is dull or dry, deep conditioning treatments and trims are a must. 

Learn to forgo heat styling by washing your hair at night and fewer times a week will allow you to grow in full, shiny hair. 

Get more creative with non-heat styling such as braids and top knots can help restore hair that has been abused by the summer and surf. 

Use a leave in conditioner and weekly conditioning treatments will allow your hair to feel softer, grow longer and will be less static in the winter.





For blonde hair this fall’s new trend is to reduce overly summer blond and do under lighting with your balayage.

A champagne beige, depending on your skin tone, it will lean closer to a rose, is the color to adopt this season! But if your skin tone is too yellow for this tone a more neutral beige will be more flattering.

Red heads are hot and coppery this fall fading to ends that are more golden and Titian. 

Short cuts are still trendy this season but a hint longer so as women can have the sexy feel of tucking the side behind the ear.

This fall, longer cuts are showing longer bands and layers.

If you want to turn to a new color for this new season remember that Synthetic bright colors are not in. They are being replaced with bolder real colors that actually exist in nature

As an alternative to a new color, Ombre is still around but it is softer, very diffused and multi tonal. Instead of having a base color with one highlight in an ombre pattern, think of 2 or 3 highlight colors making a multifaceted texture of shine and depth.  It is very soft and diffused and everyone will keep trying to guess whether or not you color your hair!

If you are looking for a trendy hairdressing Braids are still in style, but tighter, more structured braids are taking front and center.  Think of a braid taking place of a clip or headband, controlling your hair and keeping off your face.  They are also being hidden in long ponytails or in top knots to add a bit of flirtatiousness and texture. 






Men's cuts are reflecting on the fifties slick with a little length that make sexy front waves 

If you want to be trendy this fall don’t give up your beard but it needs to be more groomed. Don’t worry your barber and his edging talents can help you!


Christian Alexander’s Recommendations




In this new season colored hair will enjoy relaxed and natural colors. If you feel like a balayage it should be complementary to your natural hair. You will have a perfect “Parisienne chic” look! 

To revive hair for the fall season we recommend Olaplex to repair intense damage, & Oribe’s Gold Lust Collection to restore the hair’s shine & suppleness.

To achieve the look we recommend Oribe’s Apres Beach Wave & shine spray.







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