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Zwitter, an elegant and contemporary French brand




The Leading Salons of the World loves introducing new like-minded brands which exalt Real Beauty, a combination of “style”, “youthfulness” and “charisma”.

Discover a young French brand breaking gender limits: ZWITTER.


ZWITTER questions why we think of clothes as simple costumes as they are more often actually reflect the personality. The stylist reworks basic clothing details in order to enable people to stay faithful to themselves and to their own image. ZWITTER fights for the “made in France” and good quality. Nothing is useless from the details, the cuts to the garments, every piece tells its own story.


Since 2012, the designer has been playing with traditional codes by mixing different genres. The name of the brand ZWITTER the German translation of hermaphrodite reflects perfectly this spirit. Indeed, the brand mixes genders by using cuts and materials usually used for women to create men collections, and the opposite. 



Why could we not use laces for men? Would not a woman be feminine wearing a suit jacket?

When you discover the ZWITTER collection you will definitely think mixing genders is inspirational.

Angela the brand’s owner and designer, offers us an absolutely beautiful collection.

The beauty comes from her simplistic and accurate lines mixing with neutral colors and a touch of modernity. After an advanced international diploma in women’s suit and patternmaking, Angela has enhanced her talent in the most prestigious maisons de haute couture Chanel, Hermes, Chloe and Givenchy.

Her momentum has been extremely quick, and after three collections she expects to win over USA.

She currently mainly works for individuals who wanted tailored made services.

In parallel, she has designed three ready to wear collections, a street wear collection and an accessories’ line.


The Ready to Wear Collection



Her creativity and curiosity made the designer mixing garments.

ZWITTER proposes particular adjusted cuts which elaborate the clothes. Exclusivity is also a concept that the designer really believes in. Because every human is unique, it is important for each person to find a way to assume his differences.

The groundbreaking new collection Spring/Summer 2015 is an anthem to the woman of the 21st century. With a mix of strong and delicate materials and original forms, this new collection offers structured cuts and adjusted garments. The silhouettes are unique and changes with the mood and needs in comfortingly tints.



Every pieces ally charm and personality in order to celebrate the uniqueness.

This collection reveals the woman’s sensuality and her great powers.

The ZWITTER collections are only available on reservation.


Accessories line

This new collection features accessories with great personality.



The sun visors and the stunner shades also represent the independent modern woman. The stunner shades are as the brand; with simple and efficient figures they will surprise you when you wear them.




Street wear collection

The Vintage Yourself collection is impulsive, a transformation of the people into animals.  



“Our modern society looks like a jungle where attitude and body languages become incomprehensible.”

The Vintage Yourself collection proposes a range of jumpers and shirts which can be directly purchased on ZWITTER website.




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