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Interview with Judith Aynès, co-founder of the eponym fashion brand


Aynès is a brand of women's clothing designed by Judith and Louise Aynès.

For their first collection, the sisters used their common aspirations to create the foundations of the visual identity of Aynès. They evoke simple but structured clothes, with specific details; a work of style and attention to detail made by Louise Aynès.

Started in early June 2014, the project brings together the complementary strengths of each. Nourished by their environment, they have jointly developed the styling of the six components that make up the collection and then focus on their respective areas. Louise in model making and Judith to set values in the collection and management of the project. This first collection has been carried out through the participatory financing; funds they have collected from their entourage.



Hi, we are happy to be among the first persons to interview you!

Who are you and what is your background?

We are two French sisters, both students, fascinated by clothes. One in the technical work of tailoring and the other one in a more conceptual and strategic way, we joined our skills to build our brand up. We complement one other in every aspect of our passion.

My sister, Louise was doing a vocational training in a small studio when she had to mind to create a small collection to get into the Chambre Syndicale de Couture Parisienne.

I joined up to her project as we both wanted to get this collection more meaningful than a portfolio. I’m currently student in a French business school where I involve myself in fashion professional experiences.


Time to define your brand to us. What is your signature?

I don’t think we have a signature yet but we are convinced of our objective in terms of creativity. We are mad about how clothes can magnify the woman body. Since, we are working on lines and shapes that express our definition of elegance and design. Our universe is about features, elegance and natural beauty.


When did it materialize?

We have started our project of building a brand, less than one year ago when my sister was applying to la Chambre Syndicale de Couture Parisienne.


What drove you to do undertake such a project?

We wanted to be part of something truly stirring. We used to be spectator and thoughtful of artists. We needed to express ourselves in our turn and to feel what it’s like to get into an artistic project.


Clean shapes, embellishment-free… Where do you find your inspiration?

We get inspirations from architecture, colors, nature, lines, shapes… Many things in our daily life that reflects our sense of aesthetics. We especially drew our inspiration from shapes of vintage clothes, new look silhouette, street style, with a bit of African and Indian culture. We also were inspired by fashion designers such as Valentino, Agnès b, The Row or Dior in term of universe.

We created the coat and pants pockets from the form of the ginkgo tree’s leaves. We loved forties shapes that express women emancipation after the war, street style from hip-hop culture and a masculine/feminine attitude. We liked mixing cultures and atmospheres to put all our inspirations together.


What is your vision of aesthetics?

I’m not a fan of embellishments or patterns in fashion… I’m really keen on easy-going but emotional clothes. I mean “emotional” because I can be really fascinated by many clothes only by their shapes or their fitting. I think this feeling is what we looked for in our first collection.

I like clean shapes that can be both comfortable and elegant in fashion.

But I’m also very sensitive with all kinds of arts. I love geometric and strict lines in architecture, whereas I prefer graphic but warm design at home. I love impressionism and expressionism in painting, Japanese culinary arts, Indian ink gravures or Art deco. I would say that my vision of aesthetics is based on the classical French culture deepened with many multicultural touches.


Tell us about your everyday context. Is it particularly creative?

As I’m currently working at Louis Vuitton as a product manager assistant, I’m glad to say I’m working in a very creative background. I contribute to the development of both show and commercial collections. I’m used to get in touch with designers, product developers, product managers and the head of the collection. I work every day on fabrics, sketches and final pieces.

In my personal life, I’m crazy about walking around in Paris to come upon libraries, shops, parks or street art. Music and dance are vital for me. I’m also a big fan of exhibitions where we are used to get, my sister and I, some ideas for our personal project.


What do you keep in mind when you design?

Designing elegant but down-to-earth shapes that suit perfectly woman curves. We have created our first collection on yearning for making sensual parts of the woman body more valuable thanks to our uncluttered shapes; such as the back of the neck, the small of the back, the wrists and the ankles. We do also take care of making comfortable clothes with very qualitative fabrics.


Was it always a requirement to do this with your sister?

Yes because we have the same eyesight of aesthetics. It’s a privilege of building a project up with someone you are close to. We are focused on improving each other as best as we can. We have a solid relationship; we built every pieces of this collection with the same outlook, with complementary ideas and skills. We complement perfectly. Moreover, we do not handle ourselves with kid gloves. That’s why we might improve together better than separately.


How did you handle the finance part?

We gathered funds thanks to our relatives. Many friends and family who believe in our project put some money on it and we have collected around 1400€ in a month. That was a great support to look forward.


When does your first collection go out?

It’s already out! But only made-to-measure for now. We are still students, we do not want to put the cart before the horse. We are focused on doing quality work to dedicated people touched by our clothes. We’ll develop the brand in a near future with more funding and more skills.


Where are you at now?

Since, we have sold our first piece. We are trying to get being known as much as we can, so we develop contacts for creative projects with magazines and gifted students. We are really intrigued on how our sense of aesthetics can be felt by other people. We also want to collaborate with other creative people to get deeper inspirations on our and their projects.

Some proposals have shown up already…


What are your goals in the long term?

We’d like to develop our identity and building an inspiring business within 3 to 5 years. We hope building an ethical firm, with perceptible and stable values. We are already thinking on a way of consuming differently, less productive and more mindful.


What is the feedback so far?

People are very enthusiastic about our first collection. We are so pleased that people like our sense of aesthetics and believe in our brand. Nevertheless, we would like to get more professional points of view in order to make our experience better.


Thank you so much for speaking with us. We wish the best of luck to talented sisters!



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