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Skinny Eyes: the luxury for your eyes’ wellness


Experience the Beauty products LSW curated for you. They are all remarkable for a reason: effectiveness, design, innovative and beauty-full.

The LSW Beautique covers the fields of: Beauticare, Nutricosmetics, Nutraceuticals, Designers, Hair Jewelry, Jewelry and have a specific focus on Travelers.

LSW is proud to introduce to you a new range of products exclusively for your eyes’ wellness: Skinny Eyes is now available on the LSW Beautique.



The exclusive Skinny Eyes products target the overall appearance of the eyes and its surrounding areas. Dedicated to using only the finest clinically tested and proven treatments, ingredients, and tools; Skinny Eyes market patented technologies have revolutionized the war against time making Skinny Eyes the science behind the beauty. Skinny Eyes develops therapeutic treatments and products designed to significantly reduce wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and puffiness around and under the eyes.

Shakespeare famously noted that the eyes are the windows to the soul. They tell a story to the people you meet and can reveal a lot about you such as age, vitality, happiness, stress levels, and overall wellness. First impressions are something you cannot get back and in today’s changing economy there is little room for error. Whether it is landing your dream job, impressing new clients or even catching the favor of that certain someone, you only get one chance to make that first impression.

With over 60 years of formulating experience in their current product line, Skinny Eyes has developed a new technology that will change the future of the cosmetic industry. After formulating cutting edge techniques Skinny Eyes has harnessed the power of energy and scientific findings to shape the future of beauty and more importantly to provide real and lasting results.

With an unsurpassed commitment to research and development, Skinny Eyes has poured its resources in to premium products that generate extraordinary results in minimal time.

For an ultimate result, Skinny Eyes has developed a full product line composed of a wand, and 3 serums to fit the most your needs.



Skinny Eyes Wand is a Hot-Cold Therapy which utilizes therapeutic to refresh, awaken and revitalize your eyes. Skinny Eyes patented Hot-Cold therapy will eliminate the need for prepping, freezing spoons or soaking tea bags.

Skinny Eyes Wand will refresh your eyes bringing back vitality, radiance, wellness, and youth all in about 90 seconds! No longer will you have to spend countless hours trying to hide your tired, dark, puffy looking eyes.

Skinny Eyes Wand Therapy deploys 4 actions: Diminution of puffy eyes, Improvement of blood circulation, Wrinkle Improvement, Dark Circle Reduction.

The Skinny Eyes Wand is composed of the gold plating for the warm, and the platinum plating for the cold. It also offers a vibration mode for ultimate relaxation of the eyes.



The Complete Age-Defying Serum is the most complete, single, skin care product available for youthful looking skin and an alternative to cosmetic injections without irritation, needles, or surgery. Much more than a wrinkle cream, The Complete Age-Defying Serum is a highly advanced product that targets seven main signs of aging skin. The product is light, oil-free, and absorbed quickly into the skin. Formulated to be a cosmetic alternative to facial injections, the serum contains a combination of cosmetically active patented ingredients from France. Because The Complete Age-Defying Serum works at the DNA level, the results are not superficial as with some other anti-aging ingredients, which just fight wrinkles and do nothing to actually restore one’s youthful appearance. Most anti-aging products do nothing to tone the skin, reduce redness, dilute the size of pores, reduce age spots and redness, where The Complete Age-Defying Serum does. The Complete Age-Defying Serum is a major advance in the complete care of younger looking skin.


The Complete Age-Defying Serum helps

- Increase skin’s hydration/moisture balance

- Increase skin’s barrier function

- Reduce pigmentation

- Increase skin firmness and elasticity

- Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

- Decrease pore size

- Reduce skin redness



Skinny Eye Elite Eye Serum is a unique combination of patented active age-defying ingredients formulated for the delicate, sensitive skin around the eye area. The Skinny Eye Serum is specifically designed to reduce the appearance of puffiness, fine lines, dark circles, wrinkles, dark spots and loss of radiance, while deeply hydrating and soothing the most sensitive skin.The Skinny Eye Serum is no ordinary eye care product. The serum combines three scientifically documented patented age-defying ingredients from France: Matrixyl®, Haloxyl®, and Eyeliss® making it a powerful 3 in 1 tool for the fight against aging.


Benefits of Skinny Eye Serum high-end formulation

- Reduction of fine lines

- Increases lymphatic circulation

- Improves firmness and elasticity

- Decreases inflammation/puffiness

- Stimulates the skin “matrix” to begin producing more collagen

- Clearance of dark circles

- Decreases the capillaries permeability

- Brings radiance back to your eye contour



Skinny Eyes Instant Eye Lift Serum is a must have product when you need to look your best in only minutes. Whether it is a night out on the town or an important event; you should always look and feel your best.Instant Eye Lift Serum provides immediate lifting, firming, tightening, anti-wrinkle, and hydrating effects making your eye area look younger in only 5 minutes after application! With longer term, regular use, the product gradually smoothes fine lines, reduces puffiness, and reduces the appearance of dark circle around the eye area.

The Skinny Eyes Instant Eye Lift Serum derives all these benefits from its unique combination of scientifically tested high-end modern ingredients:

SeasFlash® -Instantly and visibly smoothes the skin, as well as tightens it.

Matrixyl® –Reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Haloxyl® –Reduces the appearance of dark circles.

Eyeliss® –Reduces the appearance of puffy eyes.


The majority of woman who took part in a clinical study reported these positive results between only 5 and 30 minutes after application:

Smoother Skin – 100%

Softer Skin – 60%

More Lifted Skin – 60%

More Hydrated Skin – 60%

Firmer Skin – 100%

Anti-Wrinkle Effect – 100%





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