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When Beauty meets Nature


It is a known fact that for a few years, humans have being returning back to nature. Parallel medicines and classes of the Chinese Qigong that is based on the philosophy to awaken one's "true nature" have boomed. Following the trend, cosmetic brands have been competed creativity to add some special cares to their services and ingredients to their formulas.

Here is an overview of what we saw lately.


Snakes Massage

The time when snakes were meant to be observed in vivarium through glass windows is gone. Today in some places in the Philippines, Thailand, Israel and even Russia, they endorse the role of beauty therapists who are using often up to 4 snakes working on the same body.

A courageous patient says: “The slithering motion is actually quite pleasant. With all the snakes covering my body, they weighed around 250kg - it is impossible to get up without the handler's help.”

The slithering motion of the snakes during the 10 to 15 minute sessions is said to be therapeutic and calming. The four giant pythons are fed with 10 chickens beforehand to prevent any culinary desires… 




What if you could burn 800 calories in 3 minutes?

On top of that, the method that suggests an exposure to extreme cold temperatures is said to relieve pain, increase your resistance to stress, firm the skin, improve recovery after exercise, and reduce sleep disorders. The formula sounds so miraculous that some celebrities such as Daniel Craig and Cristiano Ronaldo have included it in their beauty rituals.

But we must add that this therapy it is not reserved to an elite. In average the cost is around $170 for 5 sessions.

The principle comes from the Antiquity. However it is a Japanese scientist, Dr. Yamaguchi, who brought it up to date in 1978 by inventing the cryotherapy chamber: a box in which the temperature goes down to - 164 ° C, with the injection of nitrogenous air. As a result, body reacts in a survival response, implying the blood to receive a greater amount of oxygen. It is a legal dope.




This is a new type of retreat: getting immersed into a salt cave. Pros said it helps people of all ages with allergies, asthma and breathing conditions by reducing inflammation.

For centuries, monks used naturally-occurring salt caverns to treat respiratory ailments. Today, manmade Saltrooms recreate salt caverns.

So-called halotherapy centers are popping up increasingly in the U.S., Europe and Canada. The typical 45-minute session costs $60.

For now, it sounds more like a trend than a science.



Cosmetics from the ground

Dead Sea Elements

Dead Sea appears to be a treasure for minerals that are good for your skin. Basically, water, plants and even mud can be used for cosmetics purposes.

Located at the lowest place on earth, across The Great Syria-African Rift and between the Judean and Jordanian desert mountains, The Dead Sea is a natural oasis of beauty and relaxation, world famous for its holistic benefits to one’s well-being and truly an extraordinary place, filled with natural wonders.

The Dead Sea gained its name because there are no living organisms in its water, due to the extremely high level of salinity, making life here impossible. Constant shortage of water supply and millions of years of slow but steady evaporation resulted in a graduate increase of the Dead Sea’s salinity level with the highest rate of solubilization. These days the percentage of the salt level in the Dead Sea is at almost 34%, making it one of the four saltiest water sources upon earth.

The Dead Sea’s water is highly enriched with minerals such as Bromide, Magnesium and Potassium. Its shores produce large deposits of the Dead Sea mud, highly rich with minerals, world known for their many benefits to one’s skin and well-being since ancient times.



Snail Slime

Latest oddity in the cosmetics industry: snail slime as an ingredient full of properties for your skin. Asia seems to be the most advanced country on the topic. It has been trending in Korea for the last 5 years already.

In addition to a surprisingly pleasant texture, snail secretion filtrate contains natural acids and elastin that’ll improve appearance and protect skin from future damage, Korean doctors said. The extract is also billed as having positive effects on acne scarring, acne prevention, dryness and hyperpigmentation. Daily application of topical products containing snail secretion is also shown to significantly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, according to a 2013 study published in the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology.

It all began with the ancient Greeks and was later rediscovered by Chilean farmers who noticed their hands were softer after touching snail secretion. The precious substance is usually used in masks and creams.

(Source: ABC News)


Black Charcoal

The newest face masks featured in magazines beauty selections are quite surprising. You probably also had the same reaction than us at first: black charcoal is not touching my face, ever!  Use activated charcoal to cleanse your skin and whiten your teeth. It removes toxins and can help with acne. 



Rumors say that bee venom is the secret of Kate Middleton’s flawless skin.

The process, done in institute is very precise: skin needs to be the purest possible to absorb the precious substance to the maximum.

You may wonder if the bees are harmed in getting their venom extracted. Specialists say they are not: they insert a small metal plate in the hive that will get the bees feeling threatened and release venom. The plaque being hard, they keep their sting and survive.

The secret ingredient is used to fool the skin into thinking it has been lightly stung. This causes the body to direct blood towards the area and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

Collagen strengthens body tissue, while elastin is the protein that helps the skin to remain taught. The idea is that your skin will look fresher, younger and tighter almost immediately.

Dubbed the 'natural botox' it is a treatment I would definitely recommend and it is the only treatment I have had that has made an instant difference to the appearance of my skin.



Stem Cells

Further medicine, stem cells find also a place in our cosmetics. A pioneer in the field is Personal Cell Sciences Corp., who develops and distributes personalized Adipose Derived Stem Cell based anti-aging, topical skin care products formulated using an individual’s own stem cells.

Personal Cell Sciences not only provides the most unique skin care products available, but also helps prepare individuals for the future of regenerative medicine and cellular therapy by cryogenically storing a clinical grade sample of adult stem cells.

Pulling from years of global scientific research and over a year of laboratory experimenting, the Personal Cell Sciences team was able to create ‘Autokine-CM™’, which uses cytokines, proteins and growth factors secreted from an individual’s stem cells to aid in the skin’s natural healing process. With Personal Cell Sciences teams experience in blending complex formulations, and American CryoStem’s ability to collect and process an individual’s stem cells, an instantly tangible, cutting edge “today use” for your stem cell’s was created – ‘U” Autologous.

Each formulation in the skin care line is genetically unique and hand blended in Personal Cell Sciences’ laboratories for each individual client based on their own unique Autokine-CM, carefully cultured and formulated with antioxidants, peptides and some of the most advanced, cutting edge anti-aging ingredients available.



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