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Star Coiffeur Pedro Sanchez about Trends for the Spring and his Dream Client


Article origin: German Magazine "Women in Business"


"To Style Evelyne Widmer-Schlumpf’s hair »






Do you remember the first day you went to a hairdresser?

Not exactly the day. But my mother recounts that already as a little boy I always wanted go to the hairdresser. I begged until she approved. That happened every 4 weeks.


Was it clear to you from the early years that you wanted to become a hairdresser?

Surprisingly, no. At primary school I dreamed of a career as a priest, because I grew up in a very religious family. And at ten years, after my first flight I wanted to become a pilot. But when I started to work as an assistant in a salon at 15 years, I realized very quickly that this was my dream job.


Do you remember your first customer?

I remember how the entire family back in Venezuela was watching Miss Venezuela on TV and I started to braid my mother's hair. I was maybe five.


By now you have been almost 20 years in the business...

... And I enjoy it more than ever. To some degree this is because today, contrary to the past, natural looks are more en vogue. This is good for both my clients and me.


In what way?

I want to help my clients to find a hairstyle that brightens their inner personality and embraces their lifestyle. Here, in Switzerland, many women are working and they have no time to style their hair for hours every morning. They like simple cuts and they follow therefore fully the trend. Even at big shows such as the Oscars, we notice celebrities with simple hairstyles that seem to have been prepared in the bathroom at home: natural, fresh but at the same time very neat.


Can you tell us a little more precisely what kind of hair trends we can expect?

In regards to color, ombre still plays an important role, but the color gradients will be much finer than before. And if you take the last fashion shows as trend indicator for haircuts: the 80s are a principal theme.


What do you recommend women who want a makeover?

First, you have to understand the reason for this request. Who is just bored, can become happy through experimenting with the hair. But someone who is sad for some reason should wait and reconsider this kind of project later.


Why is that?

Because the new hair style will last even through the time the reason for the sadness is gone. I know some women who have bitterly regretted their change afterwards.


Who would you like to receive as a customer in your salon?

Federal Councilor Evelyn Widmer-Schlumpf!


Why specifically her?

She is a fantastic woman with an impressive personality and I think this could be emphasized with a coloration of caramel tones and a short haircut. I always say: A strong woman with good makeup and a great hairstyle is unstoppable.



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