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BUNDY BUNDY collection


This upcoming spring will surely be romantic: BUNDY BUNDY presents its new 2015 spring/summer collection “Beauty Blossom“

From lavender to rosé – soothing pastel colours and soft and versatile haircuts are the top hair styling trends of 2015

Alexander McQueen makes dresses with flowers, Valentino crafts flower handbags, Mulburry is all about flower shoes – during the Fashion Weeks in Paris, Milan, London and New York, there were more flowers on the runway than ever before. Floral patterns are omnipresent, whether it’s Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana or Gucci.

In newspapers and magazines, there is talk of a “summer of roses” and BUND BUNDY has applied this major 2015 spring and summer trend to haircuts and hair styles. When it comes to hair colours, soft pastel shades ranging from timid pink to shiny rosé are expected to take centre stage this season. The 2015 summer haircut will offer maximum versatility; after all, staying flexible is of the essence in hot weather.

The 2015 must-have summer accessories will be so-called “Quikkies”, which are strands of natural hair, available in different colours and lengths. They are roughly three centimetres wide, wafer-thin and provide extra hair volume and added length. We chose photographer Inge Prader to capture the images for our new collection and the associated campaign.



With its new collection, BUNDY BUNDY has started a summer season that’s all about roses. Why now?

International fashion designers have clearly shown that fashion for the upcoming 2015 season will be colourful and flowery. We have drawn inspiration from that. We work with the idea of flowers, blossoms and petals, and we apply it to hair styling.

Is fashion the primary source of inspiration for your new collection?

It most definitely is. We exclusively draw on the big fashion houses. Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Miu Miu, Comme des Garçons: all their latest collections include roses and floral patterns.

How often do you get inspired by nature?

Very often. The same is true for fashion, architecture and art. After all, it was nature that created beauty. The most beautiful shapes and colours are all courtesy of nature. This season, we draw inspiration from the world of plants, its colours and natural shapes.

Those must be Quikkies. How exactly do they work?

Quikkies are strands of natural hair that are available in different lengths and colours. They are roughly three centimetres wide, wafer-thin and they have an adhesive strip that we attach to the client’s own hair as if it were a Band-Aid. It will stay in place for weeks or even months. You wash it along with the rest of the hair, comb it as you usually comb your hair, you can go swimming with it, work out, go to the sauna. They are thin, so you won’t feel or see them. Quikkies will become part of your unique self. And they are more memorable than conventional accessories, for example glasses.


This year, your hair colours reflect the colour of roses. Which ones are the colours of the 2015 summer season?

Again, it’s pastel colours. But that is new. Before this, nobody dyed hair in these shades. When a few funky people used extraordinary and colourful hair colours, that was previously considered street style. Today, it is entirely socially acceptable. Anybody can add a lavender-coloured strand to their blonde hair. Or an Artic Blue, a colour created by BUNDY BUNDY.

For a sophisticated touch to dark hair, try adding a rosé shimmer. All these effects go back to fashion. In fashion, fabrics that change colour when the light hits them have been used for a long time. This effect has now arrived in the world of hairstyles. We have now the option of adding striking shine to the hair as well as shimmer when the light hits the hair. This was previously impossible because it was technically not feasible to produce such pastel coloured hair dyes.

Which type of woman did you have in mind when you created the Blossom Colour trend?

Once a woman has found her hair colour of choice, Blossom Colour gives her the option of modifying it slightly in an organic process. She can take her personal look to the next level, fine-tune it and make some changes.

What does the 2015 summer haircut look like?

It’s a sophisticated cut with different lengths. The look is versatile because especially in summer, women want their hair styles to take as little time as possible, whether it’s for the beach, the workout or for an evening out. As a first step, we cut a straightforward basis on the back of the head without any playful elements. The cut itself builds on that and provides added movement and volume on the back of the head. But it also allows us to reduce the amount of hair in case it is too heavy. On the front of the head, we use a different cutting technique, it’s very smooth and we use texturing scissors. This make it easy to restyle your hair, from left to right, from back to front, with movement or straight.

Which styling products do you recommend for the hot season?

The looks of choice will be smoother than before, and the round brush will make a comeback. As an alternative, one can use the straightening iron or the curling iron to add movement to the hair. All professional-use tools are available in our salons, along with advice and tips on how to use them. When it comes to hair products, I always recommend protecting your hair with a product from our BUNDY BUNDY Elements of Hair series for pastel-coloured hair, namely our products in the Pearls series. During the subsequent styling, our clients have many options: they can add UV protection and let the hair air dry. Or they can add heat protection and use their hairdryer and straightening iron. Heat protection products will keep heat of up to 200 degrees Celsius away from your hair and work against moisture loss and damage to the hair. To finish, one can add extra shimmer or hold by using shimmer sprays and serums or holding crèmes and gels.




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