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10 Simple DOs and DONTs Lessons of Body Confidence


Non-verbal communication books and seminars are bountiful these days. Far from wanting to challenge them in 3 minutes, we summarize for you some basic tricks that are better to be told at least twice. 

Our personal image is not constant all times, we can mold it with training and it varies regarding the context. Individuals are not the same at work than at home than with their friends and so on.

Since work is a major part of our lives, we focus here on professional situations.


1. DO  >   Show strong visual elements  

A punchy lipstick, killer heels, sharp nails for women, perfect glossy shoes, clean shave for men. It seems easy but who can qualify faultless on this one?


2. DO  >   Use the regal pose

For those like us who never heard this expression before, it means arms behind the back, one hand holding the other wrist. We reckon this one is more solennel and manly.


3. DO  >   Hand Steeple

If Angela Merkel is THE master of this move, it doesn't mean younger women and men should forget it. Oh! There are variations of the steeple: low, high, reversed... You had no idea you could have so much fun with it!


4. DO >   Spread out your stuff in a meeting

Don't try to keep your things together. If you have documents and files, it's a game, create the mess. If not, you can still space out your phone and computer. You know. Just enough. Not too much for the colleague to read your texts. A little. 


5. DO   >   Relax your hands 

Spread out your fingers. Keep the baby-style clenched fists for casual situations.


6. DO  >   Adopt a casual standing pose

At this cocktail event show confidence with a natural crossed leg stance. Don't look rigid!


7. DON'T  >   Force your Gesture

It won't be of any help to screen the image of a weirdo.


8. DON'T  >  Systematically plant your hands on your hips

Ok, what is the probability that you wear a similar outfit in a work environment? But still, don't imitate the red carpet look. It suggests you are closed to discussion. 


9. DON'T  >   Do too much body touching 

We mean with yours, at least. It will translate into a sincere feeling of incomfort. 


10. DON'T  >   Live by the sexist rule that women should sit and men should stand up

Because to inspire respect we have to also show some strenght sometimes.


At LSW we think the precious feeling of confidence can be faked but is never as tangible as when it comes from Real Beauty. This is the conviction than animates our projects and our works with the Beauty Influencers. 




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