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Dr. Brian Kantor, Cosmetic Dentist in NYC and Beauty Influencer on LSW, interviewed by Veronique Gautier.



Dr Kantor, you’re a pretty renowned cosmetic dentist in NY. What is next in terms of your career and your goals for this practice?

We always try to achieve more. We transform the lives of thousands of people by transforming their smiles. We are doing more cases every single year and it changes people’s life in a positive way. Every time we do a smile transformation we can see the instantaneous changes in the patients’ personality. They become more confident and happier.

What do they say?

They say it’s the best thing they have ever done. People love coming here, they love seeing how they can have their smile transformed. So every time we do a case, that person sends us multiple people and it just expands exponentially. The more cases I do, the more people we affect, the happier I am and I feel more satisfied by really changing people’s life. It makes me feel thankful for doing what I do.

What kind of clientele do you have?

We are known for seeing a lot of celebrities but the majority of our patients are not celebrities. There is no particular type of patient. We see different nationalities, different types of socio-economical background and different types of careers, we see people from all over the world. Anyone who wants to have its smile transformed comes to this office.

Tell us about your conception of a beautiful smile.

I think that every smile is unique. What works on one person is not going to work on someone else. You have to look to the whole face: the facial structure, the bones structure, the size and shape of the face. The smile has to fit with that face, it all should be harmonious. It should look natural, seamless and make you look younger, as if you were born with these beautiful teeth. It should not look like you have done work on. That is why we say “the imperfect perfect smile”. Small imperfections make it real.

We have to look at the personality and get to know the person, it is very important to design a smile. We find out what the patients want because the most important thing is to make them happy, no matter what.
So what I do is I design a smile on the first visit and I put bonding on the teeth. Then I send that to my ceramist and he will wax up the mouth so I have designed the smile before I ever touch the patient. And on the second visit I’m going to prepare the teeth and the patient will leave with temporary smile. This way the patient can see how it looks in the mouth with the temporaries before the veneer is ever made so if the patient is not happy with something we can tweak it before the veneer is ever made which is a very important step.



Does it look like real teeth?

Yes, temporary looks amazing. You know exactly what you are getting and you may love it or you may not like something so we can change that before the veneer is ever made. So this way there is no ambiguity, there is no anxiety from the patient because they know how it is going to look like.

I was very impressed on the timing within you can get this done.

From start to finish it is two weeks, it takes two or three visits, but I can do it faster. If the person can only stay in New York for one week, I can get it done.

Is there any specific type of care for these veneers?

No, you take care of them just like you take care of your teeth, brush twice a day and go to the dentist twice a year.

So a good job can last how long?

It lasts on average about 15 - 20 years. But it can last longer or less.

So I would like you to talk about your collaboration with LSW and your decision to collaborate.

We see patients from all over the world and it is a great opportunity for me to get patients that would not necessarily know about me and my practice and allow me to help them out. It is an honor to be part of this and I think I owe a lot to the circle of beauty influencers and I feel like me and my practice are at the top of our field so it is a perfect match with LSW to bring dentistry into this group of beauty influencers.

What is the tailored service you offer with LSW?

We do a consultation over skype so I am able to examine you by looking at x-rays and pictures online, I can give a treatment plan, I can know exactly what needs to be done. So when you come here on visit 1, we are already able to start the case.

How long would this patient need to stay in NY?

It depends on what is done. If it is just veneers, they should ideally stay two weeks. I can do it quicker but it gets more expensive. They can stay one week, I can do it Monday to Friday.

Your partners seem to be older than you and I guess it is an honor…

It is an honor, it is a very well established practice. It was a perfect fit for me to join this practice.

And we are honored to have you in our Circle of Beauty Influencers.
Thank you so much Dr. Brian Kantor for this interview!

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