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Interview Uomo Magazine FWNYC Sept. 2014 By LSW

Today, Véronique interviews Francesco, Founder and Editor in Chief of Uomo Moderno Magazine - an upscale fashion and lifestyle magazine from Italy.


Véronique: Ciao Francesco. That is about the extent of my Italian ;(

Francesco: Ciao Veronique!

V: Francesco, we are so looking forward to welcoming your “New Generation Fashion Tour from Italy” for the first time in NYC. Please tell us a bit about the event. What can we expect?

F: Well, it is not going to be the usual runaway show. It is going to be very unique. The presentation of the Designers Collections will be companied by the live musical performance of Valentina Raffaelli from Tuscany and her band Sunshine Superman, as select Italian food by Chef Raffaele Ronca, and Altaneve Prosecco will be passed around. OCÓO - The Beauty Drink is doing its first Fashion Show with us! Jason Pierre Paul of the New York Giants has signed on as the star guest model, making this his first New York Fashion Week runway appearance.

Ocóo - The Beauty Drink

Singer Valentina Raffaelli and her band

Francesca Marotta

V: I like it already! How did you select the Designers?

F: I wanted to cover the full gamut of styles and show what young Italian Talents can do: from street-wear, to more traditional, to trendy and Couture and even some avant-guard. All, with the Italian flair. It is going to be spectacular, I think.

V: What do they have in common besides being Italians?

F: Well, All have perfect body-fit pieces, and possess a definite elegance.



V: Definitely. I can see that from the few images you shared about each of the Designers. Why a Tour?

F: Well, each of these Designers is truly amazing. They deserve recognition. If I can help them have their wish come true, then I am happy. Fashion Week NYC is a great exposure. A lot of really great Press have RSVP'd. So exciting!

V: After NYC, I know you take your tour to Philadelphia.

F: Yes, I have been chosen to be the “Signature Event” by the city’s fashion week called the Philadelphia Collection. I feel very honored. It will also bring a lot of quality attention. The event will be hosted in an old colonial building from 1787…Italian Glamour with Philadelphia Colonial Charm….Toscana Live Music.

V: Francesco, Thank you so much for sharing this moment with us. We wish you good luck. What is your wish?

F: …That everyone has a good time!


Nico Didonna


Date: September 12th

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