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Vasken's conception of beauty


Now, you fully belong to the beauty world. What is your take about what we see of the beauty industry? Do you feel aligned with what we commonly see? What is your definition of beauty?

Beauty is totally unique, but the industry is going through changes, and there are some people who are not adhering to these changes, they are not realizing what’s happening, consumers’ mentality is becoming different. Women and their adjustments and their expectations of beauty are changing. Consumers’ mentality is different now.


What is a beautiful woman? And what can you do to make a woman feel beautiful?

A beautiful woman is someone true to herself. Someone who knows herself, who is very confident, who takes care of herself. That is a beautiful woman for me.


How do you contribute to that result?

I bring them that platform. I teach those who are not aware of it, or I push them in the right direction. What to do, and what not to do. I give them confidence. I give them the idea of color, I put it in their head, and I make hair become their accessory in the right way.  I make them feel beautiful and sexy. And by the way, I use a lot the word ‘sexy’, but I really would like to find another word to replace it. Sexy to me is confidence. It is a lot more than a beautiful woman. A woman can be beautiful but not confident, and not sexy. Sexy is an attitude. I accentuate that. I make their attitude come out. And my medium is hair color. But, while I am doing their color, I am also coloring their head, the head shaping the thinking of who they are, what they are.

Do you see Beauty going in the direction you are interested in?

I’m interested in a more natural organic beauty, a healthier approach to beauty rather than the whimsical, fashionable side of Beauty. I don’t buy that, because anything that is fashionable to me is very weak at best.  Fashion is quick about change. I don’t like to buy cheap shoes.  I like to buy one great pair of shoes, so I can live with it a long time. And that is how it’s going to be. Beauty is going to be more sustainable-oriented, is going to become more innate, more natural. And this is what we have to embark on. If we don’t embrace it now, we are going to be left behind.


Don’t you think that in many ways it existed and we lost that? When you think of Grace Kelly and the sixties? That was real beauty, real style…

Yeah, sixties and seventies are my favorite years, because there was style, sensual style. Now there is no style. So, in a way, I am a little bit nostalgic about that.


What is killing Beauty right now?

Oversaturation and very whimsical choices people make. There are also no trendsetters right now.  That’s what is killing beauty.  And everybody is in it for the money.


So, what is your aspiration?

My aspiration is to continue with what I’m doing, take it to the next level, where my voice can be heard and understood. This is coming from a good place, not from someone who is hungry to become well known or anything like that. It’s really to take my career to the next level and make sure that we are having healthier approach, organic approach to what beauty is rather than doing all the excess.


Vasken, what’s your next dream? I mean, you have a unique background, you have an approach, you are successful, and many women are coming to you, and coming back…

I want to bring taste and intelligence to hair color.  I want to change the career path of hairdressers. So it is not a last-result occupation, but a form of artistry. It’s a true Art form. 


What is your business’ next step?

Well, I am doing a couple of evolutional things in the hair color world. Since hair color is my medium, hair color is what I know best, I will stick with it. I’d like to anticipate what is going to happen, in the world of hair color, and I’d like to be right there when it does happen.  So I do my homework.

Now, back to my dream… I would love to bring the Bergdorf Blond back, Vasken style and in doing so shape the world of hair color


We are ready for that!

Thank you so much Vasken.


Interview by Veronique Gautier.

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