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Long Haired Boys & Short Haired Girls


Long Hair for Boys: Not as new as it seems...

Back in the 5th century, military leaders were tying their hair in a knot atop their head to appear taller and more intimidating to enemies, similarly it symbolized authority; In the 11th century many men chose the ’pageboy’ hair style like Charles VIII, the hair cut curved over the ears and round in the back of the neck; In the 18th century wealthy and fashionable men wore white-powdered wigs tied back into a long braid and encased in a black silk bag, or tied with a black bow. The perpetual renewal we see in the fashion industry might be true for haircuts as well…


Short Hair for Girls: Would you dare?

For many women, the comfort of short hair, only a few millimeters long and the corresponding bold look is unthinkable, rare are those ready to take the chance. The difficulty is partly historically originated since in the western history women of society never showed such a trend of short hair: as of the Middle Ages when the Catholic Church considered long haired women as erotic and owned by their husbands, to the end of the Grunge movement characterized by long, matted and unstyled hair in the past 90s.


A man's hair should look masculine. A woman's hair should look feminine.

Clichés are hard to uproot and short haircuts are convenient but misleading. More men would have long hair if they could, but society just makes them afraid to let their hair fly long.
_ “Will people think I’m a girl?”
_ “Will people think I’m gay?”

And the same questionings seem to come up for women with short hair.
_ “Do I look like I’m a boy?”
_ “Won’t I be feminine anymore?”

If you are a woman with short hair, or a man with long hair, well you can’t deny it: you are different. At LSW we like what is different. Beauty is your #1 asset, make the best of it… and don’t be afraid of anybody! Intentionally changing your appearance is mostly a win; it is reinventing yourself, and reinventing yourself shows courage and confidence.


Only a western perspective?

In the western culture, we have the false cultural perception that the way things are now have been so for hundreds and hundreds of years. But for example before the 1920's, blue was a color for girls, pink for boys, and both genders until a certain age wore dresses. Same thing is true for haircuts.


And beyond...?

The Middle East
Traditionally, many women in Middle Eastern countries have long hair. Since the climate is mostly very hot, women often keep their hair tied back in head scarves. It is also a common practice for men to have long hair and beards. Much of this has to do with Islamic tradition and rules, but recent generations of Muslims commonly carry shorter hairstyles than previous generations and many young men choose not to have facial hair.

China is one of the most ancient civilizations of the world. Chinese hair ornaments are from the earliest times and some of the most beautiful in the world. Chinese culture has given increasing importance to the arrangement of hair along its history and always had a strong symbolic meaning. The method of haircuts or hairstyles always marked social or civil status, revealed the religion or profession. No hair care arrangement was ever a sign of disease or misery. As China is a conglomeration of people and ethnic groups, there are numerous styles and regional customs.

In Africa hair was always of high cultural and spiritual importance. Hairstyles have been used to convey messages and were indicating people’s social identity. But because of the numerous years of slavery, many African hair care rituals, along with so various other sacred customs, got lost. People were kidnapped, their heads involuntarily shaved before being sold and taken away as slaves. It might be why today hair is again of high prestige in African culture, it has social, aesthetic but also spiritual significance. The African hairstyle had to be reinvented. To highlight two modern styles, equally popular among men and women: the long dreadlock style made famous by Bob Marley and the modern Mohawk interpretation.

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