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Maria Dowling

Maria Dowling, Dubai

Maria Dowling, Dubai

Maria Dowling's salon is known across town to be one of the best. Maria Dowling comes with a background of 21 years in the hair business and successfully opened the Middle East's first color-specialist salon: Maria Dowling's salon. Clients return time and again to Maria Dozling Salon not just for the cut, but because Maria Dowling herself (but also her team) offers a way to escape from the busy world and to focus on well being and beauty. But be advised that you should book up to six weeks in advance for your hair at Maria Dowling's salon! Nevertheless, the result and experience will be well worth the wait.

Maria Dowling's philosophy
The simplest and most effective way of changing your appearance is to change the color of your hair. But experimenting with colour doesn’t have to mean a complete change of image as even the subtlest level of colour can make a big difference to the way you look and feel.

At Maria Dowling Salon's, our philosophy is simple – whilst we love looking a crazy colours and avant-garde hair we focus on beautiful, believable colour that respects a client’s lifestyle, skin-tone and personality. Whilst more and more women choose to colour their hair at home, the effects you can produce tend to be limited to a single, all-over shade. How many of us have dyed our hair at home with a colour that looked ideal on the box only to find that once washed out, it is darker and harsher than expected leaving us looking pale and sallow? The secret of truly beautiful colour is to add not just one shade, but many. And as many as four carefully selected shades may be required on a single head of hair to create a shimmering, brilliant blonde, a richly-toned, beautiful brunette, or an iridescent, ravishing red.

Let Maria Dowling take care of your hair, your color and thus your appearance!


Bur Dubai, Dubai, Satwa

T. +971 4 345 4225

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