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<a href='' class='gray'>L'Atelier Geraud, Antwerp</a> <a href='' class='gray'>Barbara Daley Hair and Beauty, Liverpool</a> <a href='' class='gray'>Close - Pest, Budapest</a> <a href='' class='gray'>Less is more, Vienna</a> <a href='' class='gray'>Dennis Creuzberg, Berlin</a> <a href='' class='gray'>Alto Senso, Moscow</a> <a href='' class='gray'>David Layton – Hairdressing, Berlin</a> <a href='' class='gray'>Errol Douglas, London</a> <a href='' class='gray'>Charles Aellen Company, Zurich</a> <a href='' class='gray'>Thoma & Bari, Vienna</a> <a href='' class='gray'>Petros Glyfada - Πέτρος Γλυφάδα, Athens</a> <a href='' class='gray'>Marc Tavoukdjian, Lyon</a> <a href='' class='gray'>Close - Pest, Budapest</a> <a href='' class='gray'>Kim Robinson, Hong Kong</a> <a href='' class='gray'>Art Lab, Madrid</a>
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